Saturday, March 21, 2020

Closing local mountains does not improve health

I went to Grouse Mountain today and confirmed that it was indeed closed to public access. The Grouse Grind and the Gondola were both closed but the BCMC was open. This has nothing to do with health and safety. People are quite capable of practicing social distancing in the back country. This is an attack on civil liberty and a clear violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights.

When we think of the rights within the Charter of Rights we normally think of the freedom of speech, the freedom of association, lawful assembly, freedom from unnecessary searches and seizures as well as the right to due process and the freedom from unlawful arrest. In addition to all of those, the Canadian Charter of Rights also includes the right to move. Mobility Rights are entrenched within the Charter. We have the right to move and the right to access the backcountry.

The Communist government of British Columbia has closed BC Parks at a time when we should all be getting out there and using them. What Italy is doing is not working. What South Korea is doing is. Like Vancouver, Seoul has many local mountains that Koreans regularly hike on as a part of their healthy lifestyle. That's what they're still doing and it's working. Getting exercise and fresh air is the best way to deal with respiratory illness. There is a dark agenda behind this fear based frenzy that leads to a place none of us want to go and I have named it.

Cypress was closed as well. You can still ride past the roadblock on a bicycle but you are not allowed to drive on the road up to the parking lot. This is an attack on civil liberty and small business. People have the right to move and they have a right to earn a living.

BC Parks has also closed Seymour Mountain to all cars. You can still bike or hike up but you are not allowed to drive up and use the parking lot to go hiking. I cannot overemphasize how wrong this is. The buses and Skytrain are still running and so they should. There is a lot more social distancing in the mountains then there is on a bus or skytrain.

Now the government is threatening to fine or arrest people for not social distancing. OK then we need to elect a new government. The people elect the government to represent them and the people pay their wages. It's time to fire the freaks who are using a flu bug to implement martial law. The average age of a person who has died in Italy from the lockdown is 81. Most people who get this flu virus survive with mild cold symptoms. If you are under 60 years old then there is a 1.3% chance you will die from it. If you are under 30 there is a 0.2% chance you will die from it.

In addition to the freedom to move is the freedom to choose. If I'm over 80 years old then it is likely I will choose to self isolate. If I am under 30 and have a 99.8% survival rate, I have the right to choose if I am willing to take the risk since as England has pointed out, getting the virus when you are young and recovering from it is better than not getting it until you are old.

Sport England chief: Now more important than ever to stay active

BBC is reporting that "Sport England chief executive Tim Hollingsworth says it is now "more important than ever" to stay active, while following the government's guidance on social distancing. Because of the coronavirus crisis sports events have been cancelled, forcing people to find different ways to exercise.Sport England will launch a national campaign this week to encourage people to stay active in and around their homes and to share their experiences online, using the hashtag #StayInWorkOut." Skipping works.

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