Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Facing the fear with childlike honesty

I realize that there are a lot of people out there who are scared. I get it. 2% of a million people is a lot of people. I also realize the media is not helping. The media feeds the frenzy and feeds off of it. They like to sensationalize panic to drive sales. That is, in my opinion, socially irresponsible.

The main stream media likes to scour the globe for examples of extremism then sensationalize it. Hey everyone look at these lunatics panicking in Southern California. Maybe we should panic too. Not. I'm the opposite extreme. I'm like hey everyone look at this group of vikings in Scandinavian. They're not afraid and neither am I. I'm not going to live in fear. I refuse to.

I'm not going to minimize the situation but I will emphasize the fact that most people who get this virus survive. Right now the number of fatalities in the US from Covid-19 has matched the number of fatalities in the US from the flu in 2018. That year was slightly higher than normal. A lot of elderly people die from the flu every year.

Before Covid-19 hit Justin Trudeau had a reputation for raking up unnecessary debt which was not a good thing. Then all of a sudden Covid-19 hits and Justin Trudeau pulls a Chancellor Palpatine from Star Wars and makes a power grab asking for the right to tax and spend as much as he wants without parliamentary approval. That would be more insane then breaching safe social distances. Andrew Sheer says a blank cheque? Hold on a minute, lets think about this. Thank God Andrew Scheer has a brain. The main stream media doesn't.

Remember, the main stream media are corporate communists. They don't report news they brainwash the public promoting a tax and spend agenda. That is what their corporate sponsors pay them to do. Instead of saying hey everyone, giving Justin Trudeau a blank cheque to tax and spend as much as he wants without parliamentary approval is insane, they say hey everyone Andrew Sheer is holding up emergency relief. That is a lie.

Andrew Scheer has been very supportive and totally nonpartisan during this whole crisis. There is no reason Justin Trudeau should suspend our democratic system for any reason including this.

Overcoming fear

As for the fear factor, I realize a lot of people out there are sacred. I can see it in your eyes when I walk past in the mall or street. I'm not going to mock those people. I will simply say, that ain't me. I'm not one of them. I'm very grateful I still have a job and have been deemed an essential service so I can keep working through this crisis. I am very grateful for that.

We need to make the best of the situation. More people are going to die from losing their jobs then from the virus. I'm all for social distancing. I want those fear freaks as far away from me as possible. Yet I am totally oposed to martial law. That is both ineffective and immoral. As Thomas Paine once said, I know not what course others may take but as for me, give me liberty or give me death. That is my position on the matter. A coward dies many times but the valiant tastes of death but once. Life does not end at death.

So people may ask me, how can they overcome their fear? Wait 'till I tell ye. Perfect love casteth out all fear. Think of those you love and think of how to protect them. Today as I was out and about running errands I saw a mother pushing a stroller in a store. As the mother turned the corner I saw a little girl sitting in the stroller holding a small horse or unicorn with a big smile on her face. It made me smile. The childlike innocence was overpowering.

Here's a little girl content in her own little world with no idea of the calamity around her. She didn't need to know. That child doesn't need to grow up in fear. In tough times, we give her hope. That's what we do. We owe her a future. That means we need to roll up our selves and get to work. It doesn't mean we borrow money from our children's children. It means we take responsibility for ourselves and protect the ones we love by going to work. That is what we do.

Stop obsessing over the tabloid trash's toxicity. That is unhealthy. Life is better than that.

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