Sunday, March 29, 2020

China's Communist misdirection of donations

The National Review reported that "Now That Canada Is Rationing Masks, Trudeau Faces Backlash for Donating Medical Supplies to China." Evidently Justin Trudeau made the commitment back in February before the virus hit Canada.

Nevertheless, the concern is valid. We can't buy face masks here anywhere. This goes back to the age old problem of Communist China's ongoing financial fraud. Why do we send them financial aid when they own most countries debt? That isn't just bad business, it is corrupt.

As Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn declared, Communism has always been the Mother of all Lies. They shout about social justice but the politicians in Communist China are the richest in the world. CNN exposed how the masks Canada donated to China didn't go to civilians, they went to politicians and government officials. Big surprise. The Guardian confirmed the report.

Now the Communist Party of China is sending out pres releases about how China is donating medical supplies to Canada. Misdirection is the purpose of the Confucius Institute.

I do believe this virus was purchased by the Communist Party of China and tested on their own people in Wuhan because that is what Chairman Mao did. He starved his own people so he could implement his oppressive ideology. These are the people executing political prisoners for organ harvesting. These are the people trying to destroy civil liberty around the globe.

We are at war and we need to stand against this foreign invasion by going back to work so we can preserve our democratic system which upholds our civil liberty and economic stability.

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