Friday, March 13, 2020

COVID-19 has a 3.4% mortality rate

The Guardian is reporting that "The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated the mortality rate from Covid-19 is about 3.4%. That is higher than seasonal flu and is cause for concern – but even if it is correct, more than 96% of people who become infected with the coronavirus will recover."

"Any death is, of course, devastating for the families involved. But it is also worth noting the WHO estimate is based on confirmed infections and deaths, meaning it does not take into account mild cases that may not be diagnosed – cases that would lower the mortality rate."

Knowing that the mortality rate for the virus is only 3.4% is somewhat comforting. Especially since if you're under the age of 60 it's only 1.3% and if you under the age of 30 it's only 0.2%. Since the symptoms of the virus are the same for a mild flu or cold, I think a lot of people have it and don't know because they haven't been tested. That means the mortality rate is even lower.

Remember the saying, feed a cold starve a fever? I think this is one you feed. Eat properly with lots of garlic and vitamin C, get lots of rest and drink plenty of water. Stay hydrated.

Remember humidifiers? Now that is old school.

They say the symptoms of the virus can lead to pneumonia. Last month I broke one of my ribs boxing with a young golden gloves. The doctor said to put my hand over my broken rib pushing down as I slowly take a deep breath in as I expand my chest and fill my lungs with air. I said yeah I'll be taking short shallow breaths for a while (because of the pain). He said well if you do that then you'll get pneumonia. So I said, OK I'll be taking slow deep breaths then.

Around the same time, a manager at work had a friend who's son broke a rib getting nailed in the boards playing hockey. He said his friend's son's broken rib turned into pneumonia. Unfortunately the kids doctor didn't tell him about taking the slow deep breaths that my doctor told me. I think proper deep breathing is an important way to avoid pneumonia.

Breathing is important but so is circulation. It has to be fresh air. Getting quarantined on a cruise ship is the last place you want to be because all that stale are keeps recirculating. Even at home, you need to open the windows a bit during the day and get some fresh air ventilating so all the germs don't stagnate and incubate. Eat, breath, sleep. This too shall pass.

In addition to ventilating your home, make sure you also clean and disinfect it. Especially the bathroom and kitchen. Back in the day we used to use comet to clean bathtubs. Now we use Vim with bleach. Comet still works. Counter tops and handles I clean with Lavender Pine Sol. It cleans and doesn't smell as toxic as the original Pine sol. My grandmother used to use lavender potpourri in her closets to get rid of moths. Lavender is a natural disinfectant. Wash your sheets, comforters and pillowcases regularly as well. Just get rid of the gems yo. Get clean and healthy.

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