Saturday, March 21, 2020

Social Distancing is not an option. Or is it?

There has been many disturbing headlines recently and I'm going to connect some of the dots. One headline read social distancing is not optional. The other is Vancouver's misuse of their state of emergency declaration to enforce martial law.

The local tabloid of Corporate Communism is reporting that "I can’t say it enough — this is not optional,” the provincial health officer said at her daily news conference with Health Minister Adrian Dix on Thursday. “This is for everybody and we do have the legal authorities to enforce it. I am calling on people’s civic duty right now to do this, and it is in your best interest to take these measures as well.” This is in your best interest but is it really?

"Henry said businesses that cannot adopt orders she made earlier this week must shut down immediately and tap into supports available to them. But she said it is safe for people to go outside to get fresh air, walk pets, ride a bike or exercise, so long as they maintain social distance from others." Then why did the Communist government of British Columbia shut down the back country on Seymour mountain and Cypress? It's because these war measure acts have absolutely nothing to do with promoting health and safety. It's about control and compliance.

Small businesses have a legal right to exist. Consumers have a right to buy food and go to restaurants if they so choose. Removing society's right to earn a living and pay taxes is in no one's best interest. Adrian Dix is one of the furthest left leaning member of the NDP there is. His desire to enforce the attack on small business in BC is very disturbing.

The World Health Organization has nothing do with promoting health. They have an agenda as does the UN. The Oath Keepers have sounded the voice of warning over the UN's attack on civil liberty under the guise of Agenda 21 and what's in our best interest. The fact that the very term what's in our best interest sounds so frighteningly familiar to Communism is no coincidence. It is.

On March 12th Tri city news reported that "B.C. schools plan to remain open after spring break amid the coronavirus pandemic, but will stay “on alert during a rapidly changing situation,” said Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry Thursday." There is no reason elementary schools should not stay open after Spring Break. No one under the age of 9 has died from this flu bug.

Global is reporting that "One in six people over the age of 80 who contracts COVID-19 dies. And that is for those who get treatment. The average age of a person who has died in Italy is 81."

UBC has courses online and online High School course are available at the Surrey Academy of Innovated Learning. Elementary schools need to reopen. Civil liberty needs to be upheld.

Post Media News is Corporate Communism. Recently they ran an article claiming that Chairman Mao did great things. That was obscene and is a clear example of how tainted that tabloid propaganda really is. Communism has killed a lot more people than the flu bug and they will starve their own people to obtain their goal of implementing martial law. Oath keepers arise.

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