Sunday, March 22, 2020

Mexican Beans and Rice

Adding to the post on homemade recipes, I'm going to ad Latino beans and rice. In England baked beans out of a can on toast is a popular dish. It's pretty lame but will sustain you when food is scarce. However, stocking up on pinto beans and cooking them from scratch will feed a family for a long time. You can refry them and serve them with rice in a tortilla as well.

You can buy bulk Mexican pinto beans from the Halal meat chop across the street from the Post Office on King George highway in Surrey. They are cheap and can form a basis of your food storage. Soak the beans overnight, wash and boil them with garlic and herbs. These can be reheated or refried all week. Rice and beans gives you protein and complex carbs that can affordably sustain you for a long time during any food shortage.

Homemade recipes for healthy eating

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