Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Justin Trudeau triggers non confidence vote

Well this is sadly disappointing. One step forward two steps back. Canada's National Observer is reporting that "Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he knows people are impatient for a resolution to tensions involving a disputed natural gas pipeline in northern British Columbia, but time is needed to respect the traditions of the Wet'suwet'en people."

"Speaking to reporters in Halifax Tuesday, Trudeau acknowledged the opposition of some Wet'suwet'en leaders to the Coastal GasLink pipeline has led to difficult times for many Canadians over the past few weeks. He said his government has been focused on trying to find a solution, but added that current tensions stem from Canada's dark history of mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. 'We know that centuries of marginalization, of oppressive, broken government policies have created a situation that is untenable,' Trudeau said." AYFKM?

Past history has absolutely nothing to do with this and saying that it does demonstrates to the world he has completely lost his mind and is unfit for office. This is about opposing the democratic will of the Wet'suwet'en people on the natural gas project. That is what this is about. This is about standing up to bullies and stopping a coup against Democracy.

"Five Wet'suwet'en elected chiefs from councils that support the pipeline released a statement saying they are pleased that progress was made in the talks with the provincial and federal governments but they said the agreement was reached without input from all the Wet'suwet'en communities." Exactly. The elected chiefs and band councils of the Wet'suwet'en people approved the natural gas pipeline. In addition to that, 8 of the 13 hereditary chiefs approved it.

Wanting to overrule the democratic decision of their people, three female hereditary chiefs who approved the plan were stripped of their title and replaced with three males who opposed the plan. That was a dirty deed done dirt cheap and we should not support it. Whatever happened to Justin Trudeau's girl power? It appears that was just lip service.

In contrast, John Horgan nailed it "There was not, at any time, any objective to go in and convince people to have a different point of view. We had a frank discussion. There was disagreement. The project will proceed. Dissent is appropriate. Unlawful dissent is not."

When you lose an election or a referendum it is well within your right to record your dissent. It is not your right to prevent other people from going to work. John Ridsdale refuses to listen to his own elders and his own clan members. He shouldn't even be at the table. We should not support him. The three chiefs who were stripped of their title for supporting the plan should have their titles restored to them. That would be the right thing to do. No Justice, No Peace.

It's as though the blockades were a false flag attack to get the Conservatives elected. That's the effect they are having. Canadians don't support that kind of lawlessness. I told ya, if Justin Trudeau learns towards Andrew Scheer on this one and away from Jagmeet Singh, he will float. If he learns towards Jagmeet Singh he will sink faster than he would with cement shoes.

Anciently, the aboriginals in Central America practiced human sacrifice. Just because they did it back then, does not mean we should allow it now. Some traditions are great. Others are not.

In Fort Langley the Natives got along very well with the British fur traders because they did business with them. The fur traders had guns and protected them from raiding tribes that would attack them and carry them away slaves. Just because slavery was an aboriginal tradition on the West coast, does not mean we should allow it today.

Historically the residential schools were horrible. Yet the British did business with the local natives and had a history of treaty making. Cortez slaughtered them. We all need to accept responsibility for ourselves and move forward. Free Wet'suwet'en! Stop the coup. God save the people.

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