Friday, March 20, 2020

The Iron Curtain Falls on BC Parks

Cypress Mountain is reporting that "As of 5:00pm today, BC Parks will be closing Cypress Provincial Park until further notice. Please click on the link to see the full announcement from BC Parks." That is straight up Communism. Snowshoers can maintain a safe social distance in the back country. Closing these trails to the public is an all out attack on civil liberty.

Seymour Mountain as well as Grouse Mountain have also been closed by the Communist government of British Columbia. This has absolutely nothing to do with health and safety. This is an attack on civil liberty and small business in support of Corporate Communism. Buyer Beware.

If you want to get healthy, go outside and get some fresh air. What Italy is doing is not working. They are a bad example. We should not follow them. Why do you think this martial law test run was implemented in Italy? Remember Mussolini? Fascism is the same thing as Communism.

A message from Sal Khan on school closures and remote learning on Khan Academy.

Surrey Academy of Innovated Learning: Online High school classes.

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