Sunday, March 22, 2020

Naming the Global Conspiracy

As I previously said, David Icke describes a global conspiracy. Although it doesn't have anything to do with the freemasons or a reptile race raping babies, it is very real and I will name it. It is Corporate Communism. It has taken over the Main Stream media and it runs the UN.

Recently I pointed out that Post Media News ran an obscenely offensive article claiming that Chairman Mao did great things. That's like saying Adolf Hitler did great things. It is insanely offensive to any rational mind. It shows how much power and influence the Communist government of China has over our media. Yet its not just them.

It was somewhat shocking to discover that the Rothschilds funded the Communist Revolution in Russia. One would think that Capitalists and Communists are opposites. Not so. Capitalism does not represent Democracy. A Free Market does. Deep down Capitalists oppose a free market because they believe in corporate monopolies. They are driven by greed. When you think about it, the politicians behind the Communist Party of China are the richest politicians in the world. Their real agenda has absolutely nothing to do with social justice.

It doesn't matter if this flu virus was created by Communist China's military or by Johnson and Johnson's pharmaceutical branch. They both have the same objective. Corporate Communism is the biggest threat to civil liberty and world peace on the planet. We need to face that.

Communism has killed a lot more people than the flu and they will starve their own to obtain their goal of implementing martial law. History has recorded that. Yet Canadians have mobility rights.

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