Saturday, May 9, 2020

Sacrificed in the name of COVID patients: Tens of thousands affected by surgery cancellations

The National Post is reporting that "Almost 200,000 surgeries and other procedures, cancer screening tests and clinical trials of experimental medicines were shelved indefinitely as hospitals braced for a possible flood of COVID-19 patients. A deluge that never quite materialized. Meanwhile, many hospitals have sat barely half-full." This is a big part of the COVID-19 fraud.

Seemingly COVID-19 cured cancer. All of a sudden nobody dies from cancer, car accidents or suicide anymore. All the nation's fatalities are mysteriously related to COVID-19. Meanwhile, everyone who has cancer or real diseases other than the seasonal flu, get put on hold. You're experiencing serious back pain? It doesn't matter, there's a cold going around that's killing seniors and you'll just have to wait. F*ck the WHO and their revolutionary Communism.

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