Thursday, May 7, 2020

BC's time line for reopening May long weekend

Global is reporting that things will start to open up in BC during the May Victoria Day long weekend. Effective mid May Elective surgeries will resume as well as Dentistry. The retail secter will open up including Hair salons/barber shops/other personal services, restaurants, cafes, pubs, museums, art galleries, libraries and office-based worksites.

Most provincial parks will reopen (May 14) as well as Beaches and other outdoor spaces. In June Hotels and resorts will repoen as well as gyms and the film industry. July movies and symphonies will resume and in September K-12 public schools will reopen. What have we learned form all this? We never should have had a lockdown. South Korea never did. Neither did Sweden.

Heat and humidity kill the cortonavirus. Cases spike and curb whether or not you have a lockdown. Now we know better. As the WHO said, Let's hope we don't get fooled again.

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