Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper: Birds of a Feather

Stephen Harper is not a Conservative, he is a Neo Con meaning new con artist. Stephen Harper is a Corporate Communist like Bill Gates. He does not believe in fiscal responsibility, nor does he believe in civil liberty. Stephen Harper talks the talk but he does not walk the walk.

When Stephen Harper was Prime minister he raised taxes and wasted tax dollars like his idol Brian Mulroney, the reason the Reform Party was created. When Stephen Harper was Prime Minster he implemented mandatory minimum prison sentence for the simple possession of firearms. Not for the possession of a firearm in the commission of a criminal act but the simple possession of a firearm. Stephen Harper talked about Communist China's human rights abuses but when he was Prime Minister he sold Communist China our oil rights. Stephen Harper was in bed with Communist China just as much as Justin Trudeau is.

Drea James found that video clip of Justin Trudeau saying how much he admired Communist China's dictatorship and I was astounded. That is shocking and shameful. It just goes to show that you never really know what someone is like behind closed doors until that dark side is revealed. Justin Trudeau is an idiot and a very dangerous one at that.

Like Nelson Mandela, Justin Trudeau's father gave us the Canadian Charter of Rights protecting civil liberty. Ironically, Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper were both enemies of that document and opponents of civil liberty. Human rights matter. We need to protect civil liberty.

Last election I endorsed Andrew Sheer. He was the voice of reason in a circus side show of extremism. Andrew Sheer made huge gains in that election. He even got more votes than Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau has lost his rock star image. People are starting to see that he is a fake feminist and an idiot. People are speaking out against his stupidity.

When Andrew Sheer anounced he would be stepping down as leader of the party, I nominated Thomas Mulcair. Thomas in turn nominated Jean Charest and I said let's run with it. I was thrilled.

Stephen Harper panicked and sabotaged the nomination in favor of his globalist puppet Peter McKay. Peter McKay will never become Prime Minister because Quebec does not trust him for good reason. Now we see a new star rising, Dr. Leslyn Lewis.

Dr. Lewis isn't a globalist or a Neo Con she is a real Conservative. The kind that supports civil liberty and fiscal responsibility. She is not a fake feminist, she is the empowerment of people. Rebel Media endorses her and so do I. Take heed to what she has to say.

The wise men see a new star rising in the east.

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