Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Communist China bullies India, Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and the world. Sound familiar?

Once again Communist China starts bullying people again. Breaking Hong Kong's Constitution isn't good enough. Communism always wants more. The Guardian is reporting that "Tensions between China and India over their Himalayan border have escalated, with China accused of moving thousands of troops into disputed territory and expanding a military airbase in the region.

"Thousands of Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops are reported to have moved into sensitive areas along the eastern Ladakh border, setting up tents and stationing vehicles and heavy machinery in what India considers to be its territory."

"In response, the Indian army has moved several battalions from an infantry division usually based in the Ladakh city of Leh to “operational alert areas” along the border, and reinforcement troops have been brought in. The aggressive military posturing follows two skirmishes between the two sides on 5 and 9 May in the border areas of Pangong Lake and North Sikkim in Ladakh, in which more than 100 soldiers from both sides were injured."

Two days ago Communist China attacked soldiers from India with Barbed Clubs. "The Chinese troops behaved like typical bullies as they surrounded the Indian troops from all sides with the ratio being heavily in their favour and arrived in the particular area like "locust swarms" using the better infrastructure on their side of the boundary."

F*ck Communism. This is why we need guns. Shoot them dead. Show them the same cultural exchange the Canadian troops showed them when they invaded South Korea. This is what Communism is. Their greed never ends. Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong and now the world. COVID 1984 wasn't made in a lab, the Wuhan lab was studying the virus it found in bats from China. There were no bats sold at the Huanan Seafood Market. The MSM is completely f*cked.

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