Tuesday, April 30, 2019

The Fall of Kim Bolan and Post Media Trash

It greatly disappoints me to make this observation but since in the end, truth will prevail, it becomes imperative that I set the record straight with regards to who is trying to confront gang violence and who is profiting from it. Kim Bolan's recent article on the Surrey Jack story is cheap and sleazy. The CBC coverage is objective. Kim Bolan's coverage is not. It is politically motivated by the same dirty politicians that lost the election in Surrey. The same dirty politicians her employer Harold Munro profusely endorsed and continued to do so after they lost.

Instead of pointing out the oblivious, that these clowns are loser Surrey Jacks, Dr Kim dramatizes it to sell newspapers. After all, that is how she makes a living. If these guys were real gang bangers they'd be popping each clown that stepped up in their grill. They weren't packing because they weren't gang members. They're just loser wanabes running around like complete idiots. These are the people the Hells Angels have hired to eliminate rival drug dealers in the rest of Surrey. Just like with the Surrey Six, the Hells Angels are the ones responsible for this stupidity. The Hells Angels have hired the Brothers Keepers to wreck havoc in the IndoCanadain community and that is exactly what they are doing. The RCMP helping the Hells Angels obtain and maintain their monopoly on the drug trade is treason.

Hiring 10,000 more RCMP officers will do nothing to stop the violence since the RCMP are giving the Wolf Pack police protection to sell drugs. Hiring 10,000 more RCMP officer to issue jay walking tickets on King George Hwy without arresting any drug dealers will do absolutely nothing to reduce gang violence. Hiring more RCMP officers right before we form a municipal force is fiscal stupidity. That is what Linda Annis wants - complete fiscal irresponsibility.

In the last election, Harold Munro's cheap tabloid of corporate trash endorsed Tom Gill and Surrey First which was Surrey's worst for fiscal responsibility and crime prevention. When asked about Surrey's crime Tom Gill said "Pass." He was a complete idiot. The reason why Dianne Watts picked him was because Tom Gill was in on the insider trading fraud burning tax dollars like an incinerator for the dirty developers who contributed to their campaign.

Right after Doug McCallum was elected on a promise to form a municipal police force, Harold Munro's cheap tabloid launched a campaign to stop him and thwart the democratic will of the voters in Surrey. They are still doing that now. Their reporting is not objective it is tainted and politically motivated to support their corporate tax and spend sponsors who get rich at the tax payers expense. Doug McCallum doesn't do interviews with Post Media News because their reporting is tainted as their shameful article demonstrates.

In 2012, right after the OMGU proved Pat Fogerty wrong and busted a huge stolen car, boat and motorcycle ring tied to the Kelowna Hells Angels and another huge cocaine ring tied to another Kelowna Vice President, the Christy Clark government disbanded the OMGU. That is the reason gang violence is out of control. The fact that the NDP have not rectified that problem shows they are no better than their predecessors. All they want to do is seize the proceeds of crime and tax it in exchange for letting it continue unbridled. That is the problem right there.

Years ago Kim Bolan used to say take half of what the Hells Angels say and half of what the police say and somewhere in the middle you will find the truth. Somewhere along the line she lost that objectivity. Now she only prints whatever the police ask her to in exchange for her access to Bar Watch. When the BC Gang Task Force is literally in bed with the Hells Angels at the Garden of Eden and the Swedish Touch, that makes her reporting conflicted.

Kim Bolan's tainted coverage of the Indo Canadian community all started with her biased coverage of the Air India trial. She even wrote a book about it how they got away with murder. Only she failed to report who they were. CSIS were the ones who planned the attack and provided the explosives for the attack. If CSIS hadn't provided the explosives the attack never would have happened. How can you write a book about the trial and leave the most important part out? CBC reported it but Kim Bolan did not. That is why we now call her Dr Kim. She is a spin doctor like Mike Smyth not a reporter. She is paid to promote the corporate fraud.

Addressing Blaze's fake murder plot

I will at this time point out the obvious. When Blaze was in court he made up a ridiculous story about him being involved in a murder plot against Kim Bolan. That was another bold faced lie. How did I know it was Blaze? I wasn't in court. Because as soon as the story broke he started spamming me with with insults saying see you're not a real reporter like Kim Bolan. She even had a murder plot against her. Nobody cares about you. Blaze was the one who told me it was him. He blew his own cover because he is a troll. He feeds off of attention.

I knew his claim was a lie because he worships Kim Bolan. She gives him a stage to perform on and he would never do anything to lose that stage. In court Blaze admitted he posted false information on Kim Bolan's blog to throw the police off. He still does. He still tries to post on my blog. That is how I found out he wasn't in prison so do the math. BC is completely corrupt.

Addressing gun violence with the New York Model

Bob Paulson admitted that the RCMP have absolutely no desire whatsoever to investigate organized crime. Quebec and Ontario have task forces that investigate organized crime while BC doesn't. That is the problem. We need a provincial task force mandated to investigate organized crime just like Quebec and Ontario. Until hat happens we are part of the problem not the solution.

We need to finish what we started in 2012. We don't need to seize the proceeds of crime. We need to disrupt street level drug trafficking. Not pot, but crack, meth and fentanyl. That's what's killing people not pot. We also need to investigate police coruption and end the police protection for Hells Angels' drug dealers. That is what we need to do. That is the New York model.

MONEY LAUNDERING ISN'T THE PROBLEM. Street level drug traficking is.

New York Police Corruption documentary: The Seven Five.


  1. It's a sad day. 20 years ago Kim Bolan was absolute gold when it came to covering crime in B.C.. They say everyone has their price. Sadly enough "they" have been proved correct.

    Excellent reporting on your part Sir. I know you always used to say you're not a reporter, but with Kim turning in her "real journalist" card, looks like it falls to you by default. Carry on.....

    1. I'm an activist not a reporter. I am biased like a columnist but I don't get paid by corporate advertising so my bias isn't tainted. Investigative journalists like Stevie Cameron and Simma Holt are long gone. Now all the media mergers has left us with Post Media Propaganda.

  2. Newspapers back in the day frequently moved their reporters from "beat" to beat. It kept the scene fresh, new eyes, new styles of reporting. Spending 20 years on one topic, makes for some stale reporting. of course with fewer and fewer reporters/journalists moving them around becomes difficult.

    1. Now with all the media mergers reporters are corporate clones. There is no uniqueness or dissenting opinion. Just ask Dan Rather:



    2. If Dan Rather got fired for negative reporting about Bush when he was president 13 years ago, how many current reporters should be fired for how they report on and about Donald Trump?

    3. The double standard is ironic. The same lunatics that were crying treason for speaking against Bush's unlawful invasion of Iraq were defiling Obama nonstop. You can't speak ill of the Commander in Chief unless he's with the other party.

  3. A woman, who I believe is a Surrey councillor was on the t.v. news the other evening waxing on about policing in Surrey. My sense of what she was trying to say, was that the real issue was a lack of police officers. However, she was basing the need on square footage/miles and equating Surrey to the size on Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby. that may be true, however, I would suggest allocating police officers based on square footage its the wrong way to go. It ought to be based on population. the cities of Vancouver and Surrey have similar sized populations but Vancouver has twice the police officers Surrey does. All Surrey needs to do is increase the number of police officers based on population, not on square footage. If people don't live in an area or has very low density, you don't need a lot of police for that area. I suspect the councillor was attempting to make the argument because she wasn't in favour of a municipal police force.

    Surrey is simply too large to have the RCMP. the RCMP was never created for urban areas. Also the RCMP in B.C. reports to Ottawa, not to B.C. authorities, not for the meaningful stuff.

    If Surrey doesn't make the change now, when? It will only get more expensive to do it later. Its like the spill way in Winnipeg, built and opened in 1968 and has saved the province $30B. the rest of the places around North America are still talking about things and spending money constantly with repairs, moving people, etc.

    quite agree, Corporate media does not report the "news". they report shootings, weather and sports. that isn't what impacts citizens' lives. What passes for evening news on CBS these days is not news. its not the CBS News I grew up with or knew when Dan Rather was there. Its not about reporting news, its about the quarterly profit margin. Its not that media corporations shouldn't make money, but they have always had a responsibility to tell the public the truth. they no longer do that. Much of the real news is reported on investigative blogs and such.

    1. What that councilor was stating was politically motivated. It is true that per capita Surrey needs more police officers. It was true when Linda Hepner was mayor.

      Hiring more RCMP officers right before we form a municipal police force is insane. We'll just have to accommodate them when they get surplussed if they choose not to join the new Surrey municipal force. What she is saying is a ploy to prevent Surrey from forming it's own municipal police force.

      Right now the RCMP are compromised. They stopped trying to disrupt drug trafficking and even have members of the Wolf Pack in the Witness Protection Program. The police escort them when they sell drugs without stopping them. That is why we need to get rid of the RCMP in Surrey.

  4. "The RCMP was never created for urban areas."

    True statement. It's not coincidence that most cities have their own municipal police force. Surrey has become a large city in both senses of the word.

    Don't look for this to solve all the problems, Canadian policing is far too incestuous, there's a limited number of places to get certification. If they've been through Depot, they're gonna have the same outlook/attitude. If they've been through another facility that may be different but recall that one of the officers convicted of drunkenly robbing and beating an immigrant newspaper deliveryman was a "Use of Force Instructor" at Justice Institute of B.C. in New West, where the new hires for a Surrey Municipal Police "Service" will probably be sent for training. Like I said, "the culture of policing".

    One thing that likely will improve by leaps and bonds is accountability, (which is what you really want here) as opposed to the current situation which is basically "f**k you". And accountability can be the start.

    One thing that needs to change, DO NOT allow unionization or it will be SSDD. (Same Shit Different Day) Every officer who hires on needs to sign away in perpetuity their "right" to unionize. Don't sign, no job. Ruthlessly enforce. If you don't, the union will become a political force that works against the leadership, which brings me to the real lynch pin.

    The head of such an Agency cannot be anyone who has previous ties to law enforcement. :because incest: Former RCMP, former municipal, all the same inbred, very shallow gene pool. Now of course they will squawk, they will demand that "one of their own" be put in there. Tell them to take a hike. Make Doug McCollum the Superintendent or something. Someone with some actual integrity. Who says a civilian with no previous background can't run the show? They will certainly tell you so, but all you really need is someone capable, who knows right from wrong, who's not afraid to do dirty laundry in public and ruthless discipline officer misconduct. Someone who can't be bought.

    That's what you really need. Whether you get it is a different matter. I doubt it, but I'd be happy to be proved wrong.

    1. Don't let them unionize? That's a little Stalin. If they were unionized the employees would have better protection from sexual harassment than they currently have. I'm not a fan of unions but banning them is kinda absurd. Most municipal forces choose unionization. John Mckay should be in charge of training.

  5. Don't let the Unionize????? Canada is s democracy and people have the right to Unionize. Its in our Constitution. Court cases have settled it along ago. This isn't the U.S.A.

    Part of the reason the RCMP got as bad as it did regarding sexual and personally harassment and assault was there was no union to help any of the worker. Yes, cops are workers just like fire fighters, paramedics, government liquor and weed stores, etc.

    All the major police forces in Canada are unionized.

    All sorts of people go to the Justice Institute, not just police officers. However, if you're not part of the RCMP you go to the Police Academy which is one department at the Justice Institute. All RCMP officers go to Regina, to what they call the Depot or some used to call, hate school.

    I expect when Surrey goes to its own police dept. most RCMP officers will want to stay. It will have better pay and they won't have to move as frequently, and they'll have a union to protect them.

    1. Public sector workers shouldn't be allowed to unionize (PERIOD)
      Management can't even raise their voice for fear of hurting someone's feelings, giving them PTSD and disability for life.
      We need an evolutionary reset

    2. People can debate unionization until the cows come home. Saying anyone is not *allowed* to unionize is De evolution right back to Stalin. A democratic society allows workers to form or dissolve unions of their own volition.

    3. Actually, Canada is NOT a democracy.

      It is a Constitutional Monarchy (https://www.canada.ca/en/canadian-heritage/services/crown-canada/about.html).

      While the federal and provincial governments LOVE to promote the false concept Canada is a democracy, the link above proves the government itself admits is not a democracy.

      Beyond this, the simple fact Canadian citizens only have a chance to mark an X in pencil on a piece of paper every 4 - 5 years (and not even then under certain conditions) does not a democracy make!

      Essentially, that's the ONLY democratic element to Canada. The governments (at any level) do not hold referendums on issues.

      The governments do not hold any binding community/region/etc meetings regarding anything.

      As for the right to unionize, can you imagine if the military had the "right" to unionize?!

      It can be argued (I know I have numerous times) the police are nothing more than mercenaries of the state (they follow and enforce, blindly, the laws of the government at the time with no regard or reference to justice or what is moral).

    4. Canada is a democracy. We vote in elections. We have the right to form our own political parties and run whatever candidates we choose. If people choose not to get involved that process they have no one to blame but themselves.

      One of the driving oppositions to Surrey's municipal force is the deep seeded paranoia that they *might* choose unionization. Say what you want about unions, I personally don't like them, but EAF is right. If the RCMP was unionized they would be forced to finally deal with all the defiant sexual harassment they are currently too arrogant to address.

      Most RCMP members are anti union. Forming a municipal force does not automatically mean it will be unionized. Most of them would choose not to. In my workplace I chose not to. However, the inherit paranoia about unions is not going to help us move forward and address the current corruption we now face.


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