Saturday, February 8, 2020

Is Surrey First Funding Surrey Connect?

On a matter of personal privileged I will clarify that I do not endorse these sleazebag ads popping up on my blog and I can't block them because they don't turn up on an ad search.

Doug McCallum was elected on a promise to get rid of LRT in Surrey and replace it with Skytrain and get rid of the RCMP and replace it with a municipal force. I endorsed him and he won the election. Every single Surrey First incumbent was defeated. Three sleazebags jumped on his bandwagon to get elected then changed their position as soon as the election was over.

These sleazy ads trying to overthrow the results of a democratic election say they are paid for by Surrey Connect, a party started by two of the sleazebags who broke their election promise. However, they don't have money. Surrey First does. It is highly likely these election ads are paid for by Surrey First and Surrey Connect is just a front.

To understand the nature of their fraud we need to understand the Police corruption Pandemic in BC which is ultimately behind it. I oppose that pandemic of police corruption just like I oppose Surrey First and Surrey Connect. I support Dough McCallum and the Safe Surrey Coalition.

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