Sunday, February 2, 2020

Gangsters out attends the Lindsay Buziak Rally for Justice

I attended the Rally for Justice and Memorial Walk for Lindsay Buziak in Victoria today. It was a well attended successful event. It's amazing what you find out when you have boots on the ground. This Australian podcast is an excellent overview of the murder case.

The podcast raises a crucial question. Why hasn't the Saanich police department turned Lindsay's file over to the integrated investigation unit? At first they claimed it was because Saanich wasn't part of that unit. Now it is so there is no excuse.

This year the memorial walk took a different route. This time it started at the Saanich Municipal Hall right beside the Saanich Police Department then marched through the downtown core past the Victoria City Hall ending on the steps of the Legislature in Victoria. It was symbolic of taking the file out of the hands of the Saanich PD, who have a history of corruption, and handing the file over to the BC Attorney General so the Integrated Unit can take it over. Chris Horsley is in a conflict of interest. One protester said the next step is to take the case to Ottawa.

Walk in Saanich marks 12 years since Lindsay Buziak murder

The heat is on. Looks like Saanich PD needs a Summer Jam. Get ready for a shakedown.

Hoop there it is: Chris Horsley threatened Jeff Buziak

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