Monday, February 17, 2020

Trump, Turkey call for Russia to stop backing Pipeline

Donald Trump oil war sell out is joining with Turkey's invasion to condemn Russia's backing of a pipeline from Iran in competition with the American pipeline from Quatar. The place that arms ISIS. That is what the war in Syria is about. It is another oil war.

Last election the CIA's candidate was Hillary Clinton. This election it's Donald Trump. Q conned you. QAnon is CIA. Donald Trump wants sanctions against Germany and Russia for saving the planet with Natural gas. He wants to sell them American coal instead. God damn you all.

Natural gas is a step forward for the environment

"The Obama Administration’s attempts to lure Americans into supporting open war with the Assad regime in Syria had failed. Consistent attempts by George W. Bush and Obama to increase tensions with Iran had fizzled. Americans were showing signs of fatigue, FINALLY fed up with the lies being constructed to trick them into being complicit in the banker wars. Trump was a breath of fresh air…but of course, like all other puppets of the globalists, his promises were empty." The Activist Post. Green Justice endorses Tulsi Gabbard for US President

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