Thursday, January 23, 2020

Natural gas pipelines are good, Coal exports are not

I've talked about how natural gas is so much better for the environment then coal it's not funny. Burning coal is the largest source of human-made carbon dioxide emissions and is the single greatest threat facing our climate. Replacing coal with natural gas is a colossal step forward for the environment. Now we need to address the real source driving the LNG fraud.

Recently there was an article in the paper about First Nation members objecting to fake human rights advocates calling for a halt to the natural gas pipeline they approved. We need to discuss the difference between elected chiefs and hereditary chiefs as it relates to privilege.

A few hereditary chiefs are objecting to a LNG pipeline their band members approved because it interferes with their privilege. Yeah I went there. We hear a lot about white privilege and how that's a bad thing because it is. All people are equal. We support democracy.

Every person and every race has good and bad. Not all Natives are good. In Fort Langley the First Nation members got along very well with the British fur traders. Why is that? Because the British fur traders had guns and protected them from rival bands that would raid them and kidnap them to become slaves. This ties in with the problem behind the inherit right to self government.

Most of us like democracy and civil liberty. Those can easily be violated within the inherit right to self government. A chief can become king and take slaves. That is something I do not support. A few summers ago I met the hereditary war chief from Tofino. He talked about how his band defended themselves against a larger tribe from down south who tried to plunder them. How did they succeed? The white men gave them guns to fight off the raiding tribe.

Heating homes with natural gas instead of coal has been a huge improvement for Vancouver's air quality. It's cheap too. That's the problem. The corporations don't like that. Gordon Campbell's private power producers that sell electricity to BC Hydro at above market rates want to change that. They don't want people to heat their homes with natural gas. They want people to buy electricity from them at above market rates which is a whole lot more expensive for consumers and taxpayers. The private power corporations are the ones waging war with LNG.

Yes fracking is a concern but fracking does not adversely effect the air quality at all. Not like coal does. Demonizing natural gas while ignoring industrial coal exports isn't just displaced aggression, it is a defiant fraud driven by Gordon Campbell's Independent Power Producers.

Why do you think Donald Trump opposes Russia's second natural gas pipeline to Germany? He doesn't give a f*ck about the environment. It's because more natural gas would help Germany get off the coal and he wants to sell Germany American coal. That pipeline would greatly improve the air quality in Europe and greatly reduce world CO2 emissions.

White privilege, brown privilege, red privilege. There should be No privilege. All people are equal regardless of race, color, creed or hereditary title. We support democracies not dictatorships.

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