Wednesday, January 15, 2020

MacKay to run for Conservative Leadership

The Canadian Press is reporting that "Former Conservative cabinet minister Peter MacKay says he's in the running for leadership of the federal Conservatives. He posted the message to his social media accounts Wednesday, his first on-the-record acknowledgment of his leadership aspirations. 'I'm in. Stay tuned,' he wrote on Twitter." Of course he did.

Right after Rona Ambrose announced that she's out, Peter MacKay anounced that he's in. Only, as soon as he announced that, the National Post changed their headline to read "Don't rule Rona Ambrose out just yet." LOL Everyone is panicking and are begging her to run. Anyone but Peter McKay they say. Now that is funny. I'm not going to hate on Pete. He does carry that lost puppy dog look ever since Belinda Stronach left him for the Liberals. Lying about referring to her as his dog was kinda silly but that's all past history right?

What isn't past history is his war crimes in Afghanistan. How can we place Peter MacKay in a position of trust if he is a progressive liar? I say progressive because lying about making fun of his old girlfriend is a small lie. Lying about the Harper government's knowledge of prisoners being tortured in Afghanistan is a huge lie. As is refusing to release the documents which proved it and heavily censoring the evidence with a black felt marker.

When Pete was Harper's right hand man, they fired the whitleblower for exposing the fact that they were handing over Afghan prisoners to be tortured. They slandered him and fired him. Although Belinda Stronach's lost puppy is past history, Peter MacKay's cover up of war crimes is not. That still needs to be dealt with especially as we reexamine Canada's place in the oil wars.

Pete's free to run for whatever he wants to but the fact that the big guns are terrified to run him shows that his candidacy is already flawed. There is no question that Jean Charest is the rising star in this contest. The question is, do the Conservative want to win the next election or do they want to continue to grope in the darkness over Jason Kenny's Me First failures. I would vote for Jean Charest if he ran for Prime minister. I would not vote for Peter MacKay. Just say'n.

Why can’t Peter MacKay speak French? GOOD LUCK MISTER!

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