Thursday, January 30, 2020

Ontario drug Bust: 9 kilos of crystal meth seized

Global is reporting that "A dozen men, 11 in Ontario and one in Quebec, have been arrested and millions of dollars worth of illicit drugs have been seized in a complex investigation into a high-level drug trafficking network, police say."

"A total of 8.5 kg of cocaine, nine kg of methamphetamine, four kg of ecstasy, more than 100 pounds of cannabis, 8.5 kg of cannabis concentrates and $30,000 in Canadian currency were seized, according to the OPP. "

“These are the individuals who would have provided drugs to street gangs, outlaw motorcycle gangs, as well as organized crime groups in all the communities,” said OCEB Dir. Supt. Bryan MacKillop. Investigators said 12 people from both Ontario and Quebec were arrested on Jan. 22 and Jan. 23 and charged with 81 offences. The accused didn’t know each other; only a few were loosely connected, according to OPP." How could they not know each other?

Ottawa Matters is reporting that the names of those arrested are: Viken Dokmajian, 42, of Ottawa, Abdallah Abdelrazzaq, 30, of Gatineau, Mark Miller, 34, Clarence Mulrooney, 38, Josh Belfiori, 29, all three of Carleton Place, Jamie Crowder, 40, Matthew Purcell, 33, Brett Hall, 38, all three of Smiths Falls, Trevor Hands, 40, of Perth, Stephen Kraus, 51, of Kingston, Dominic Gravelle, 29, of Stoney Creek, Robert Vrbanic, 33, of Hamilton.

Black Market weed is not a concern. That is why pot was legalized. That shouldn't even be a criminal offense. They should just get a ticket or fine. Jail time for black market weed now that pot is legal defeats the intent of legalization. We don't need to fill our prisons with pot offenses. We have more important things to worry about.

This was a Provincial operation. Ontario still has it's Biker Enforcement Unit. BC doesn't. Since the RCMP in BC is compromised, we need to put organized crime in BC back under provincial jurisdiction. That is far more important than worrying about Surrey opposing Uber.

Update: Ontario drug bust tied to the Hells Angels

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