Thursday, January 9, 2020

Border agency's digital device searches broke the law

The National Post is reporting that "Canada’s border agency violated the law by carrying out unduly invasive searches of personal digital devices, in one case viewing a traveller’s social media and online banking information, an investigation by the federal privacy watchdog has found. Privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien looked into complaints against the Canada Border Services Agency concerning the examination of devices, such as cell phones, tablets and laptop computers, at ports of entry."

"Therrien found the border agency contravened federal law and noted significant shortcomings in the agency’s overall practices related to digital devices. Border officers cannot routinely examine such devices, and can only proceed in the event a number of indicators suggest a search would produce evidence of illegal activities."

No kidding. The Charter of Rights protects people from unnecessary searches and seizures. Protecting civil liberty is essential in maintaining a democratic society.

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