Monday, January 13, 2020

Rupert Murdoch misrepresents Australia’s fires

Quartz is reporting that "Rupert Murdoch’s Australian outlets have committed all manner of sins in their coverage of the country’s devastating bushfires, critics say." The Insider is reporting that Rupert Murdoch's misleading bushfire coverage has been amplified by trolls and bots. Even the New York Times is reporting that Rupert Murdoch is Influencing Australia’s Bushfire Debate by protecting conservative leaders. This reinforces my point that Rupert Murdoch's media empire is biased and seeks to mold public opinion instead of reporting news honestly.

Locally, Cypress mountain, who has had a long history of patrons and employees visiting from Australia, are raising funds for those affected by the bush fires. Cypress Mountain has pledged to match donations up to $10,000.00. You can donate $5.00 increments on their web site.

Australia Wildfires Rage On Amid Effort To Save Koalas, Kangaroos

An estimated 480 million animals have died in Australia's bush fires

Australian wildfires pose serious threat to koala population

Can't we send water bombers that collect water from the ocean to drop on the Australian fires? There's a fire in Australia the size of Manhattan We sent some for the fires in the rain forest. We should do the same for Australia.

Australia Fire Smoke Will Complete a Full Circuit of Earth, NASA Says

There's a fire in Australia the size of Manhattan

An Australia in flames tries to cope with an animal apocalypse

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