Monday, February 10, 2020

Taiwan scrambles jets to intercept Chinese planes again

Reuters is reporting that "Taiwan's air force scrambled for a second day in a row on Monday to intercept Chinese jets that approached the island claimed by Beijing as its own, as tensions between the two took on a potentially dangerous military dimension. Taiwan's Defence Ministry said Chinese jets, accompanying H-6 bombers, briefly crossed an unofficial mid-line in the Taiwan Strait that separates the two, prompting its air force to rush to intercept and give verbal warnings to leave. The Chinese aircraft then withdrew to the western side of the line, the ministry added, without identifying the jets."

This is why the Communist Party of China should not own our oil rights. That is why we are being gouged at the pumps in Metro Vancouver. This is something we should not endorse.

Stephen Harper, the fake tax and spend Conservative that just sabotaged the nomination process ensuring Justin Trudeau's reelection sold our oil rights to the Communist Party of China. That act of treason needs to be rescinded. Stop the Neo Con. End Corporate Communism in Canada.

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