Sunday, October 14, 2012

China’s take over of Canadian oil rights still on the table

Wasn’t it Susan Powter who once said: Stop the Insanity. It’s about time we did. Stephen Harper is still actually considering letting Communist China buy our Canadian oil rights. He just extended the deadline a month. This is insane.

Ever heard of Vietnam? Ever heard of the Korean war? What if Communist China decides to invade another country like Tibet and bring them into bondage? Are we going to supply their tanks fuel to invade other countries? Once we give them our oil rights, we will have to. There was a reason we sent troops to Korea and Vietnam.

Giving Communist China control of our oil is unthinkable. What if Communist China gains control of Canada’s oil and then says, we’re angry at the US and we’re not going to sell them any of Canada’s oil. If we give them control of our oil rights, we will have no say in the matter.

As we speak, China is holding anti American demonstrations. They want to invade an island Japan had before their surrender to the US in the war because it has oil. If Iran did that we would be talking about bombs not giving them control of our oil. As we speak, China recently boycotted a meeting of the International Monetary Fund in Japan to defy Western economic rules. Giving a Communist dictatorship economic power to put sanctions on the free world is insanity at best.

Of the two options, letting the Texans have control of our oil would be a million times better than Communist China. Yet there is a third option. Canada can remain a free and sovereign nation and control it’s own oil. Imagine that.

We can sell oil to China but to give them control of our oil rights is a completely different matter. There are a lot of people in Vancouver of Chinese ancestry. Many of them are here because they disagree with Communism. The Epoch Times is a local and international paper that regularly speaks out against the murder and atrocities committed by Communist China.

As we speak, local officials in the Chinese Communist Party have violently and forcefully evicted people from their homes and property before seizing them in an attempt to make up for local budget shortfalls, according to a report from Amnesty International.

The Epoch Times is reporting that the Chinese state-owned oil company looking to close a record-setting takeover of Calgary-based Nexen is one of China’s most abusive employers, directing its security forces to arrest and imprison Falun Gong adherents. Did you catch that? The company has it’s own security forces that are arresting employees for their freedom of association.

It is highly ironic that the “left wing socialist” NDP cares more about human rights violations in Communist China that Stephen Harper does. If this deal goes through, Stephen Harper will be remembered as the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. He will be a traitor to the free world.

Chairman Harper or Chairman Mao? Right now it’s hard to tell.

Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party [Video]


  1. The "Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act"... comes into effect at the end of October... this 30 day extension makes perfect sense.

  2. OMG TILMA on Steroids. This is my beef with those ridiculous commercials Harper is putting out at the taxpayers expense. The opposition opposes free trade agreements that will stimulate business. No they don’t. There’s nothing wrong with free trade. Free trade in a free market. The problem is these “trade agreements” have absolutely nothing to do with that.

    These “Trade Agreements” give up our sovereignty and our democracy and hand it over to all powerful corporations that have secured a monopoly on the market. Aside from destroying the free market by helping large corporations secure monopolies, they give up our sovereignty by letting the corporations sue us if we make a democratic decision to protect the environment if it in any way inhibits their ability to make a profit. These agreements are insane. Any opposing party that opposes these agreements are supporting democracy and the free market.

    This article states that under the provisions of this insane trade agreement, China can sue us if we decide not to have the Elbridge pipeline due to environmental concerns over their bad maintenance record. Gordon Campbell did the exact same thing with TILMA. These trade agreements make it illegal for any level of government to create a law to protect the environment or to protect public services like education or medical, since that would inhibit a private company’s ability to make a profit.

    Technically, these agreements argue that if a private company wants to make money by dumping radioactive waste in BC, they can sue us if we ban them over environmental concerns because it inhibits their ability to make a profit. Like I said, Stephen Harper is the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history. He is not a conservative. He is a traitor to democracy and the free market.

  3. But even NAFTA has bit Canada... since 2001 $160million has been paid out in compensation.

  4. No doubt it all started with NAFTA and got worse as the corporations wanted to tie up loop holes in each subsequent trade agreement. I'll have to look into the compensation awards you refer to. I haven't looked into that before. I know UPS sued Canada Post claiming it was unable to compete with Canada Post. Kinda bizarre to hear a private corporation complain that it can't compete with a Crown corporation. To me that would be admitting the Crown Corporation was doing something right for a change. That's like suing Greyhound saying they aren't allowed to ship parcels because they have this network of busses in place. No, it means Greyhound shipping parcels makes good business sense. These trade agreements are trying to destroy that. UPS lost but it was close. They might not lose under these new trade agreements. You raise a good point about how paying compensation for absurd reasons is not good business.

  5. You should look into the Ethyl Corporation vs The Canadian Government from '97... doesn't matter what they do, as long as Canada doesn't stop the company from trying to make a profit.

    Canada is trying to be a player in the game it has no business being part of.


    1. This is the perfect example why these trade agreements are so bad and have nothing to do with free trade. The Canadian government decides to ban an additive in gasoline. Which California also banned. An American Corporation sues the Canadian government for banning the additive and is awarded a $20 million settlement. That’s twenty million TAX Dollars. I’m, going to have to itemize these concerns in another post but it is really important to examine because these criminals keep coming back with more and more trade agreements with hidden wording to trap us and take away our democracy. I forgot about the MAI. That was after NAFTA and before TILMA.

  7. If you guys keep this shit up we may have to invade you for your own good, and our own protection......yah relax, I'm just kidding. Sort of.

    "Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Act".

    SERIOUSLY!! WhoTF is getting paid off to deliver this one? I can't believe this shit. First the Canadian Government and CSIS turn a blind eye to the massive espionage operation being run out of the Chinese Embassy in Vancouver for the past couple of decades and now this? Well, the former is at least to be expected, anyone who questioned Chinese (like immigration level) anything in Canada over the last 25 years has been immediately branded a racist. Very effective tactic that, and of course the Chinese have no history of tactics or anything. :coughLaoTzucouchcough: And you wonder why Chinese folks make "jokes" about owning Vancouver, or that "Richmond belongs to them". They view Canadians as weak and gullible. Time for a mirror check.....

    (Sidebar: I lived with an Asian woman in Van for 5 years, I've heard stuff most of you never will.....)

    This kind of shit (along with publication bans, gun bans, free speech being branded hate speech, PC BS run a muck) is what you get when you don't question your government, when you elect mush headed touchy feely idiots. A shark like a Gordon Campbell or a Stephen Harper can get a bunch of folks like that to let him do whatever he wants. Can't vote against him, he's the party leader, better get on side or we'll chuck you out!

    Reap it people, reap it. Forget French, you better start learning Mandarin so you can at lest beg for mercy from your new masters in a language that doesn't have any 'R' sounds in it.....

    1. Yeah, our family home, bought in '58, is in Kerrisdale. My aged Mom is the only European on that block, or, probably many blocks around, it ain't merely Richmond! Chinese folks own pretty much every house west of Cambie Street to Pacific Spirit Park. Point Grey High, where I went, is 97% Chinese. Every. Single. House. I know, I'm still there all the time.

      Why is that "multi-culturalism"...? It is NOT; it's the replacement of one single ethnic group; with one, single, other ethnic group.

      And the whole take-over has happened without ONE word of criticism; b/c if one dares to criticize, you know the result, hauled up before the Human Rights Tribunal on *racism* charges. Political Correctness= One Opinion Only.

    2. I wouldn't call that a take over. My beef is with Communism not with Chinese culture. The Chinese are very hard working people and their culture goes back thousands of years. If you recall, many were brought here as slave labour to build the railway. That was a dark part of our history. In the High School my kids went to in Surrey, they were minorities being caucasian. Yet that is reality in the real world. Globally caucasians are in the minority. Consequently my kid's High School was awesome. Their Asian friends weren't gang bangers they were all very academic and raised the bar for scholastic standards considerably. It was something to be proud of and a good thing to be a part of. A lot of Filipino kids too. Very close families. I admire that. Growing up I had two very close friends who were Japanese. Both families had relatives who lost land because the Canadian government expropriated it from them during the war. Years later they got an apology but no land back. Another dark part of our history.

    3. Reap it people, reap it. Forget French, you better start learning Mandarin so you can at lest beg for mercy from your new masters in a language that doesn't have any 'R' sounds in it.....

      This is funny... only because we recently left Canada to a country in Central America. The private school my kids go to they are taught Spanish, English (for the kids who speak Spanish) and now they are teaching Mandarin.

      Yep they sure know how to predict global trends, or global domination... whichever you see works I suppose.

    4. We really need to rise above this kind of thinking. Unless you’re native, everyone in Canada is an immigrant. Caucasian immigrants have no more rights than immigrants from other races or cultures. No doubt the First Nation brothers are saying, man the neighborhood sure went down hill as soon as the white man move into town. Just look at all the pollution. You can see the factories billowing smoke into the air from the mountains and you can see the smog that covers the city now. I remember when the rivers here used to be overflowing with salmon. Not any more. Things have sure changed since the white man moved into our neighborhood. And yes Trailrunner, this trade agreement with China is insane.

    5. So you're saying that because a nation committed war crimes that born and raised Canadian's of genetic heritage should have their land taken away? The Japanese government, by my knowledge doesn't apologize for much. Although I don't think as a proud Canadian that we should hold ourselves to the standard of anything less, based on the moral compass of another nation. That is like two kids on the playground saying "he started it!". Taking the land away was wrong. I hardly see any defence that could be stated against it.

      The take-over statement is beyond absurd. We live in a free country built on immigration and growth. If you don't like the fact that Chinese people can afford to buy property in affluent neighbourhoods or so much of it, perhaps you should hate on the capitalist system, or the federal government for crushing our economy. If I was making good money and had a chance to live in an amazing country more desirable than my own, why wouldn't I? You come off sounding like Glenn Beck when you start tossing around "take-over" talk.

    6. You live in a country that changes its ideologies, morals and ethics to suit whomever has the money.

      The Chinese want to buy vast amounts of land and corporations... hey let them... who cares if they believe in female genocide. Their solution to that is to move to Canada where their sons can meet a good Chinese female... who FYI that same female in China would have been denied the right to live. Sounds like the good strong ethical people we want in Canada right?

    7. Female genocide? OK we're doing to have to clarify definitions. The Chinese aren't doing that. The Communist government of China may be but not the Canadians of Chinese ancestry that live next door. The Epoch Times is a Chinese newspaper that speaks out against the atrocities that the Communist government has and is committing in China. Those Chinese don't support that. That's why many of them are here. Good on them. We need to support them in their quest to expose and stop those kinds of atrocities from continuing. We need to clarify that because what you are saying is false and promotes racism and hate. You seem rightfully concerned about some of Stephen Harper's policies. Would it be fair for someone from another country to blame you for what Stephen Harpers does? In China the government is not elected but in Canada they are. That makes us even more accountable for the people we elect. In China, they don't have a say.

    8. To be honest, you lost me somewhere around the whole global domination talk. If you haven't noticed we have represented a drop in the bucket as far as world population goes for quite some time now compared to the middle east, asia and south asia. It's only recently since the US realized its time as the economical super power is coming to an inevitable end that the media have taken notice of what is going on. It makes sense for your kids to learn Mandarin. Just as much as it makes sense for a Chinese speaking student to learn english.

      I understand that you may not agree with communist Chinese government policy. It also sounds like you don't agree with our own countries policies. I think for that reason alone you should at least be open the the thought that a citizen of another country may not agree with their governments decisions. Particularly inside an oppressive non-democratic country. I think that anybody who legally becomes a part of our country should be given the same rights and opportunities that all of our families had in past generations.

    9. No Agent K, the government slapped on the birth restriction... the people are the ones deciding which sex of baby has the right to live. Not everything gets to be blamed on the government. Natural selection is not at play in China... not at all... human selection is though. I take back my genocide and say infanticide in it's place.

      The world male to female ratio is roughly 1.05... in China it's 1.133. It's a difference of just over 98 million males between the 2 statistics. Even natural selection isn't that selective.

      What I am saying is not false, and it's not racist or hateful... it's the truth. Racism is hanging someone solely because they are black. Racism is banning people from running in elections based on skin color. Stating the cold hard truth does not qualify as racism. Racism is a word that is thrown away way to often and the real meaning behind it has been lost.

    10. Ah, so you’re talking about abortion. I wondered where on earth that female genocide quote came from. So again, the root of the problem is the Communist government telling them how many children they can have. Evidently they would want one of those two children to be male to carry on the family name. I don’t support abortion. Yet the root of the problem is the government telling them how many kids they can have. Clearly this isn’t something Chinese Canadians are doing.

      I’ve heard reports that they were doing the same thing in India which is rather problematic. If you only have sons, who are those sons going to marry? Racism is sweeping stereotypes followed by statements like our neighborhood has sure gone down hill since another race moved in.

  8. Agent K is completely right. China is currently swamping Africa (yeah, the Chinese are even colonizing Africa!) by forcing hundreds of thousands of Chinese to move, and live in, countries like Tanzania and Gambia. They have bought up millions of acres of African land; to grow food for themselves, in terrible sweetheart deals with African Dictators.

    In South America and Mexico, the Chinese are moving in big time, with the same kind of private deals, with secret clauses. They promise huge contracts, in Africa they build stadiums, hospitals and roads. Africa's leaders are warning already;

    "Jacob Zuma, the South African president, has warned that the unbalanced nature of Africa’s burgeoning trade ties with China is “unsustainable” in the long term."

    "The South African leader was speaking to the China-Africa Forum in Beijing just after China’s president pledged $20bn in loans to Africa, doubling the amount Beijing agreed to give Africa three years ago at the same forum."

    “Africa’s commitment to China’s development has been demonstrated by supply of raw materials, other products and technology transfer,” Mr Zuma said. “This trade pattern is unsustainable in the long term. Africa’s past economic experience with Europe dictates a need to be cautious when entering into partnerships with other economies.” (FinancialTimes)

    1. Harper was just in the Congo complaining about violence and human rights abuses, yet turns a total blind eye to what Communist China is still doing. It's Insane.

  9. "I hardly see any defence that could be stated against it."

    It's called diplomatic reciprocity, you total moron. You don't give a damn about what happened in the past to our tortured guys, because the victims were white people, eh...?

    But when they are ANY other ethnic groups AK. & you scream to high heaven, what effin' Hypocrites! You hate your own ethnic group; very clearly, the statements by AK. that white people, because they ARE white, destroy everything in their path. AK, you're just making racist statements. How about saying that when the Chinese move into a neighbour-hood like Kerrisdale, they ruin the place? You just said the exact same thing about whites.

    I want you to remove from the blog, that racist, white people remark, anyway, I'm thinking of taking that to the Human Rights Tribunal.

    1. I think you need to take a deep breath and think before you type. Think about what you are saying here. It's astounding. I said that racism is wrong. I said that caucasians are immigrants to Canada just like the Chinese are. I said the only people who are not immigrants to Canada are Natives. I used your argument and showed how the Natives could just as easily say the same thing about us. Clearly, I oppose ALL torture. I oppose torture against whites just as much as I oppose torture against any other race. All torture is wrong. The torture that happened in that past was atrocious. That is why I say we should not descend to that same level ourselves. I.E. Guantanamo.

    2. There's that Glenn Beck coming out again.....

      I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say. I never at any point said that torture is acceptable. I didn't connect it to race at all. Lets keep things on topic here. My problem in this particular circumstance is with the Canadian government's treatment of Canadian citizens. To make it clear, I am against torture and racism around the board.

      Go back and read what I posted the first time. No hypocrites here Freddy, just another point of view. I'm just trying to hit a perspective that holds us to a higher standard that doesn't demand paranoia and hate based on a human created social condition known as race.

    3. Hey what’s wrong with Glen Beck? Just kidding. I think the guy is pretty funny actually.


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