Friday, October 12, 2012

Vancouver Rain

After Giles’ court appearance today I checked out Stanley Park and Granville Island. Finally the rain has returned. I was actually beginning to miss it. There’s nothing more Vancouver then getting out and about on a rainy fall day. Taking the passenger ferry to Granville Island in the rain is where it’s at. Soon enough and all that Vancouver rain will be fresh snow on the local mountains.

There’s nothing more magical then driving up the mountains on a rainy day in winter and crossing over the freezing point where all that rain turns to snow. Returning to the rainy city after leaving that paradise is like waking up from a pleasant dream.

Traditional Totem poles in Stanley Park.

Statue of Robbie Burns, Harry Winston Jerome, the Celtic Cross and the mermaid. Only it turns out the Stanley park mermaid isn’t a mermaid it’s a woman in a scuba suit symbolizing our dependence on the ocean. In more ways than one. For food and for oxygen.

Figurehead of the SS Empress of Japan.

Subtle hints of wildlife. Geese, loons, herons, swans, and raccoons.

Between Lost Lagoon and Second beach there’s a clearing with a group of huge bamboo plants. I love bamboo in a pot. It’s very Zen. These plants are huge. Over 20 feet tall and thick. This is Vancouver. This is our home. Even in the rain. Giles isn’t from here. He doesn’t belong here either.

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  1. Hi Ak ..Thank you for sharing these lovely photos.we always take for granite the beautifull souroundings of our Beloved Homelands ..sometimes its just nice to get out and explore them .it is good for the soul as well as the mind .i remember in highschool our teacher took us out on an adventure to a local was there that i learned that everything has life and everything grows with the right conditions we were shown the rings on the tree that had been cut .it had i believe 83 rings..i wonder if the Bamboo in the picture has rings ?
    Life is like that tree . everything and the right conditions .i thank God everyday for all the beautifull wonders he has given us .but you cannot see them from an office or sitting behind the T.V...and like people i take people at their face value .we can see good and we can see Evil .someone once told me that if you believe long and hard and go with your instincts that sooner or later that Good will be brought forward and the Evil will have its due..Crime is the lowest form of life.wait, it isnt life..If you see some form of Evil please do good and report it.It may save a life,that life bloggers may be yours or a loved one .Thank you for the Stroll Through Stanley Park and Prospect Point ..Nice !D.B.


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