Saturday, October 6, 2012

Vito Rizzuto arrives in Toronto

Well Vito Rizzuto has arrived under police escort in Toronto 11:00 PM last night. Where he goes from there we can only wait and see. The Hells Angels aren’t nearly as powerful in Toronto as they are in Montreal. The Calabrians are in Hamilton and working on smaller cities like Kitchener. I’m not sure how powerful the Calabrians are in Toronto but I think TO is more of a free for all. The organized crime isn’t as organized there as it is in surrounding areas or in Montreal. Time will tell. It always does.

QMI claims Greg Wooley is one of Vito’s potential allies. With friends like that, who needs enemies. Wooley is still with and still working for the Hells Angels. That’s what the big meeting was all about. The Hells Angels supply the Montreal Crips through Wooley. They wanted some of the Montreal bloods to work for them too. When one said no and publically humiliated him, he was shot dead. If Vito wants to supply the Montreal Crips , the Hells Angels already have that market. If he wants to supply the Montreal Bloods, then Greg Wooley is not his friend.


  1. But Vito still has friends, totally impressed with his usual stand-up attitude to life. It's NOT like he's gonna push right into the white-powder scene, & upset the powers that now be. Wooley & the others like Sollecito & Cuntreras' have soldiers; and no one can deny that Vito is a Force-of-Nature; who you can't pretend isn't there...

    The Agostino-Cuntreras are a huge, international group of inter-married families of immense wealth; & I always wondered who would be crazy enough to murder a Cuntrera, Vito's friend...

    blood is on the way.

  2. Vito wastes no time racing to the New York bosses who might keep him alive:

    MONTREAL - Sources tell QMI Agency that Montreal Mafia don Vito Rizzuto has been busy since his return to Canada last week, meeting New York crime figures." (TorontoSun)

    Er...don't convicted parolees have to stay away from all criminal contacts?

    Or; is that just a USA conviction, whose possible conditions have no weight in Canada...?

    1. Vito Rizutto has no permission to ask to the Bonnano family and on top the rat who put him in jail for those murder in the 80s is Joe Massino the boss of the Bonnano family. The Rizutto is considered the 6th family, there probably more influencial then all 5 family's together just the Caruana/Cuntrera pushes in the balance. Alfonso Caruana was at one time considered the boss of the boss, their known to be the money laundering banks for all the main Cosa Nostra family's in the world.

  3. Good point. I'm not sure what his parole conditions are. Usually bail conditions are more strict than parole restrictions.


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