Friday, October 19, 2012

Political ads paid with tax dollars

How much are these ridiculous political ads costing taxpayers? Attack ads are bad enough. Attack adds when there is no election on is worse and obsessive. These continued political ads that are paid for with tax dollars is not only irresponsible, they are very Big Brother. Governments are supposed to poll the electorate and do as they’re told. They aren’t supposed to spend tax dollars brainwashing the public on how they are supposed to vote. The dark cloud of Harpers’ contradictions continues to choke democracy into bondage.

Canada-China investment deal allows for confidential lawsuits against Canada

The Green Party has set up a web site explaining about the insane trade agreement with China that destroys our democracy and Elizabeth May is sending out an informed response to those who e-mail her concerns about the proposal. The Green party is against it. So is the NDP.

Ottawa turns down Malaysia’s take over of Progress

The proposed $6 billion takeover of Canadian natural gas producer Progress (TSX:PRQ) by Malaysian state-owned energy giant Petronas has hit a potentially lethal snag. Federal Industry Minister Christian Paradis said: "I can confirm that I have sent a notice letter to Petronas indicating that I am not satisfied that the proposed investment is likely to be of net benefit to Canada,"

I guess Malaysia didn’t meet the criteria because it didn’t have enough human rights violations in it’s history. Foreign ownership of Canadian oil is not in the nation’s best interest. Saying no to Malaysia but saying yes to Communist China would be complete hypocracy. Treating China as a business partner means we will sell them our oil. It doesn’t mean we will let them take over our oil rights.


  1. It has been said that the Courts and the RCMP have become infiltrated by pedophiles and sexual deviants.

  2. Well, pedophiles often take jobs or choose careers that will bring them into daily contact with potential victims. Why would it be a surprise that some deviant personalities would choose a career where they are less vulnerable to scrutiny by law enforcement because they ARE the law enforcement?

    "Who watches the watchers?"


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