Friday, October 26, 2012

EPD withholding ID of murder victim

Last Saturday a decapitated murder victim was found dumped in a ditch north of Edmonton. The police still have not revealed the identity of that murder victim. Last Wednesday a human head was found in an Edmonton alley. This morning the autopsy results of the human head have come in and the police are confirming the head belongs to the decapitated murder victim found last Saturday. Yet they are still withholding the mans identity and cause of death. They say it’s an Alberta man in his 50’s.

I have one source who claims to know the victim and claims it is a friendly 54yr old man from Lloydminster named Robert John (Bob) Roth who had a cocaine addiction and was murdered for a drug debt. They claim the White boy Posse are pushing their way into Lloydminster after the Baseball Team bust and are trying to make examples out of people. As we know the White boy Posse are a neo Nazi group that sell drugs for the Edmonton Hells Angels across northern Alberta. (Edmonton Angels - EA - 51)

The Edmonton Police have a bad reputation for withholding information from the public. They also have had a bad reputation for leaking confidential information to the Hells Angels. Since this investigation is now in the hands of the RCMP, let’s hope they start being a little more honest with the public. That is the only way they are going to gain the public’s trust and assistance.

A new term known as working off minutes has began in northern Alberta. It means enduring 1 minute of torture for every $100 owed. People who wear a Hells Angels support shirt now, aren’t just saying support your local crack dealer. Now they are saying they support torture, murder, decapitation and dismemberment. They are saying they are deranged.

The Edmonton Sun is now reporting a source told them this murder was gang related in that the body was dumped in a location where it would send a message to a rival gang. I’m still hearing he was murdered for a drug debt and that he was murdered on the way home from Edmonton and dumped where a rival gang was operating as a warning to them to stop doing business.

CBC has confirmed with sources that the name of the deceased is Bob Roth from Lloydminster.


  1. There was a kidnapping of a 64 year old woman in lethbridge over a debt. Just a few weeks ago in Medicine hat 4 people including a 76 year old woman were charged for a variety of crimes against a young woman who was beat up, sexually assaulted and possibly tortured, over a debt.

    1. That is disturbing. We know that torture for drug debts isn’t just in Alberta. We know they tortured crack addicts in crack shack basements in Prince George. We know the same thing went on at the Surrey House of Horrors and on the Pickton farm. Reports of more torture for drug debts in Alberta brings us back to the Dustin Paxton case. It is all very disturbing and needs to be addressed.

  2. Keep in mind the police also monitor my blog and that I can get in trouble if I approve comments that can be deemed as threats. Nevertheless, I can totally understand your frustration. The situation is completely out of hand and if the police are going to be proactive in dealing with the situation, they are going to need to develop a relationship of trust with the community whom they serve and who pays their wages through taxes.

    For two generations Canadian soldiers fought in the trenches on foreign land to oppose these racist fanatics. We most certainly are not going to bend over and bow down for them in our own country. It’s time to speak up. What they are doing is not acceptable. Not anywhere and especially not here.

  3. Speaking from Ottawa, I'm privy to whats happening and the way Canada is going/gone. My forefathers never fought for this sh*t. We have become way to pussified. We no longer have law in Canada.


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