Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Grant Wakefield scandal

Grant Wakefield is the guy whose home was searched by the RCMP after he complained about Jim Brown’s deranged pictures posted on a BDSM web site. Pictures the RCMP were already aware of and had investigated.

Turns out the information used to obtain the search warrant reveals that, in July of 2012, Cpl. Brown’s superiors were concerned Jim Brown was in possession of a “sensitive” DVD containing evidence related to the Pickton investigation. So why search Grant Wakefield’s residence for something Jim Brown might have? Why not search Jim Brown’s residence?

Gee I wonder what Jim Browns perversions has to do with the Pickton trial? What sensitive information? The investigation is over. The publication ban is expired. A “Public Inquiry” is supposed to make all that evidence public. So let’s get on it. Where is this sensitive DVD? The pubic need to know. Cameron Ward is reporting one source of unknown reliability claims one of the photos of Jim Brown is of him in a threesome with Dave Pickton.


  1. It is said that Stephen Harper has appointed his own "people" to the upper management of the RCMP, and they are not even graduated police, they are civilian politicians.

    Canadians should be terrified of such a hierarchy, because it inhibits your human rights and constitutional rights, and puts everyone at risk of random false imprisonment, and equally, non-imprisonment for criminal insiders who are politically protected through that chain of corruption.

    "The RCMP have a conflict of interest when it comes to investigating crimes by politicians and civil servants because their pay levels depend on a contented civil service."

    The above quote is taken from the following link:


    I am sure he would not have apologized to Canadians or paid their wages, if he had not been caught. If he was not using his position for personal advantages, the right thing to do would have been to make a formal request and pay their wages in advance of his wedding. But,I applaud your optimism.

  3. Yeah I saw that about his wedding. I personally didn't see it as a big deal other than the fact that the officers were on paid duty. I knew a girl just out of high school who married a guy in the RCMP. They had a fancy wedding with lots of officers in their traditional outfits. I think it's some kind of a tradition. Not my thing but I don't have a problem with it. If Paulson is bad I'm sure they can do much better than that. Compared to Jim Brown and the pension fraud, $912 is nothing. Most companies' paid wedding leave is more than that. He is an officer that has worked his way up. He isn't just a civilian off the street that Harper has cloned.

  4. Yes, I hear what you're saying, and I agree that, as an isolated incident, it is not a big deal in the great scheme of things, but, the issue for me is the attitude of entitlement that politicians and civil servants seem to think of as a benefit package. We are paying police officers to provide us with the service of public safety, period. We are not struggling ourselves so that we can pay for them to attend at the private functions of other civil servants, and we are not paying them to use their working time to tell us about how they think we should be praying. I just think that this indiscretion on his behalf, should have and could have been arranged and paid for in advance, so you have to wonder if there are other more serious indiscretions, or if there is an attitude of entitlement.

    Have a nice day, Agent K.
    I love this bar!

  5. I have heard from someone I trust that Paulson is a good guy. Time will tell. God knows the RCMP needs to be fixed. Have a good one.

  6. AK, an idea or two;

    1) Why not establish a Forums Section; on topics that readers can comment on, AND the all-important dialogue between your loyal readers this allows.

    Many blogs have Forums attached to them, and one can't believe it would cost you anything.

    2) Could we have a feature where the posters can find ALL their comments,(on a separate tab...?), say by clicking on the name as in Livefyre. It's now impossible to find that last post one made, except by scrolling thru endless topics; NO one can remember where they put their last comments, where they go back to look for replies. One just can't find a list of replies here.

    Thanks, some Forums would be great, (on individual Gangs, etc.); it brings in new readers, I'd bet.

  7. That’s a thought. I had one set up a while ago but the obsessive trolls fundraising for the AV in the Dustin Paxton torture case got it shut down. I suppose I could try again now that case is old news. I think you’re right people do want to have discussions about the issues. I’m a little bit worried about baby sitting and liability. I suppose my biggest problem would be trolls. The only way to avoid that is by making all posts moderated like on the blog which would be really time consuming. I suppose I could make all new members posts moderated until they were proven ok then the moderated status would be taken off unless they started to troll. I’ll look into it. They aren’t hard to set up. The comment feature you describe is automatic with those kinds of forums. I don’t think I can set it up like that on blogger. The forum will do it though.


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