Friday, October 12, 2012

David Giles in Vancouver court

Well Skeletor was sporting his orange jump suit for his video appearance in Vancouver court today. When he sat down on the video I shuddered. That guy is really butt ugly. He has those dark sunken eyes and hollow cheeks that totally look like Skeletor’s skull. Only now he has those puffy pouting droopy lips that almost frown just like a hobo clown. Giles is finally facing a consequence for his actions for the first time in his life.

Evidently he doesn’t enjoy celebrity status in jail any more. Almost everyone is making bail except for him and Kevin Van Kalkeren. The valiant Martha Devlin is representing Crown Counsel on this case again. It appears that Giles and Van Kalkeren haven’t made an application for bail yet. It’s quite possible there is evidence already submitted that is under a publication ban that would explain why they haven’t applied for bail yet. We won’t know until after the trial is over. That’s when publication bans are supposed to expire.

However, I have a huge concern with these continued over reaching publication bans. That is not the way they do things in the US and is not the way they interpret the First Amendment which is very similar to our Charter of Rights. Not reporting evidence is bad enough. Not reporting what was done or accomplished is insane. Some keep saying how our injustice system has improved. Frankly, I’m not seeing it.

Despite my sarcasm and cynicism, I’m not the kind of guy that wishes miss fortune on anyone. This case is different. Giles has hurt a lot of people and hasn’t given a rat’s ass. Trafficking all that cocaine that ends up as crack on the street destroys lives and communities. Then there’s all the murders of rival drug dealers. It’s a dirty business and David Giles has been deeply involved in it for many years.

Before the spies start attending all the court appearances, I’ll tell you now I’m not going to be able to attend much of the trial. I have a full time job and I’m really going to enjoy the outdoors this winter.

I would however, like to ask for some assistance piecing together the dates as to when Giles was where. We know he was from Halifax and was a member of the Thirteenth Tribe which patched over to become the Halifax Hells Angels. We know some of the early members of that chapter were charged with living off the avails. I’m wondering if Giles was a member of that chapter at that time.

We know Jeff Lynds confessed to murdering Randy Mersereau fall of 1999 for the Hells Angels. Where was Giles then? We know David Carol was actively involved with the Halifax chapter at that time and was also very involved with the Hells Angels in Quebec. He’s hiding on the lam.

Someone claimed Giles never was in Quebec but something he said on a wiretap submitted in court implied otherwise. Does anyone know when and where Giles was in Quebec? We know the Halifax chapter was invited to the Lennoxville Massacre and were later accused and acquitted of being involved in that murder. Where was Giles then?

I did post some satire a while back about tension between Team Giles and Team Bryce. Some commenter adamantly denied it but it turns out there is a lot of truth to that conflict that goes back even before Juel Stanton’s disclosure. Ya gotta admit, Bryce races nitro motorcycles. That’s a lot more impressive than Giles the hobo clown. I guess the suspension of his driver’s license for the DUI will be served concurrently with his current incarceration waiting trial. He doesn’t need a driver’s license now so he doesn’t.

Anyways, today in court they just set a date to set a date for trial. The next brief appearance will be 10:00 AM November 29, 2012. I would encourage concerned citizens to check it out. You can see for yourself how the mighty Skeletor has turned into a broken hobo clown. It’s nice to see the judicial system finally work. In the end truth will prevail.


  1. Wonder if he's staying in jail for his own safety?

  2. That would indeed be ironic. We're not *allowed* to talk about evidence that has already been submitted to the court. Sometimes I think big Brother in Canada has already been given too much power over the people they serve.

  3. Yeah I always found the whole concept of publication bans and police refusing to give information to the public up there to be kinda creepy. It's not like there is no such as thing as files being sealed by the court down south, but it's not often used compared to up north, where it seems to be used every time. This is unfortunate, but instructive in that it demonstrates what government and their servants will do if given the choice, or the power.

    Keep government limited and weak, that's my motto...

  4. The greatest problem with the justice system in Canada is too much evidence is released making it near impossible to convict people.

    1. And yet somehow Americans don't have that problem? Why is that?

  5. I think many people, including the guy selling Judges are the Problem T-shirts would disagree. If that was the biggest problem with the Canadian justice system there wouldn't be a problem with the Canadian justice system. But there is. Many would argue Peter Leask is one of the biggest problems with the Canadian justice system but it certainly isn't limited to him. There are many examples of judges throwing out good evidence for no reason.

    One example was a BC judge who threw out a grow op bust because while executing a search warrant, the police knocked on the front door but failed to knock on the back door as well. I kid you not. Another example is the BC judge who heard Giles' case last time. Not the DUI, the Revell and Remple case where all that cocaine was seized. The judge threw out all the wire tap evidence because they didn't hear what the police heard on the recordings. Now is the time to make that evidence public so the public can hear what the judge said they didn't hear.

    Giving CJ Barrowby house arrest for selling cocaine for the Hells angels is another example. That other case in Kelowna were several kilos of cocaine were seized and the convicted parties were given house arrest is yet another. Then there's the prolific offenders. People serving less time the more crimes they commit. The list goes on and on. The bottom line is that the over use of court publication bans in Canada is very different than in the United States. We both have the freedom of speech. Only in Canada it isn't put into practice.


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