Sunday, October 7, 2012

Widgeon Creek

I finally got the kayak out today and paddled up Widgeon creek on Pitt Lake. I can’t believe the extended summer we’ve been having. Normally it’s just rain, rain, rain. This year has been awesome. A couple new stories from the east coast to catch up on. I just wanted to pause for Thanksgiving.

Vancouver is no better than anywhere else. Every place on earth has it’s own special spots that take your breath away. I remember jogging on the beach in Bray outside Dublin at Sunrise. That was magnificent. If you’re in Fredericktown, Dartmouth or Halifax, there’s a lot more out there to see that you can’t find in the bar or in a crack pipe. Life is too precious to diminish it like that. Today was another beautiful day so it was.


  1. Nova Scotia is a Beautifull Place To Live..we have the picturest coutryside of our Annapolis Valley with the rolling landscapes ..Halls Harbour where you can watch the Bay of Fundy rolll out and roll in ..I set for hours one day not long ago on my Ride just to see it it was definately breathtaking .the fishing boats in raw eye catching shades..
    Hay Making is a labour of love ..a family chore .have you ever seen that..its awesume too.
    The seashores and beaches are many and at the right time of year can be very private for that stroll of the mind and soul.Country folks are wholesome and readily great passers by with a Good Morning and how are you .A Traditional evening social is a Mug-Up ..consisting of steeped tea and homemade breads or cookies .with a tale or two thrown in .aww the life of the country families it beats no other .being myself from a small town.with good hearted people .everyone knows everyone ..sunday morning bible studies and evening worship.where we thank god for all good things great and small.I have recently returned to my roots to purchase a home by the seashore.where i can relax in the evenings and clear the soul surrounded by the roar of the ocean and the friendly people that welcomed me once again ..
    Recently took a trip down to the South Shore to visit friends and took in the Scarecrow Festival in Beautifull Mahone Bay .it was awesume the different colored stick and pumpkin people .made the day fun .i did not leave until i walked into one of the Famous 3 Churches and dropped at the Altar . i thanked God and i Thanked my Family for all they have done for me and others..I have never been to The West Coast But I would like to in the near future ..Happy Thankgiving Agent K. to you and your Family and all the Bloggers Out There....Dahila Black ..

  2. Sounds magnificent. Sends some pictures. I've been haying when I was young. Just loading the bales onto the back of a pick up truck. Unfortunately since the price of land is so expensive here it is pushing the agricultural industry further into the more rural areas. Only land is becoming so expensive everywhere in BC, it's hard to make a go of it farming these days. Yet everyone needs food. The new world dilemma. They have cranberry farms in Fort Langley.

    The country life is appealing. I was driving down a side road in Blaine, Washington a while ago. An older man on the side of the road waved at me. I slowed down and thought to myself great he's gonna bitch me out for driving too fast and I'm gonna get into an argument. I slow down and make eye contact. He looks at me, smiles and waves. He was just being friendly. That was something I hadn't seen in a very long time.


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