Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pipeline Protests to Victoria and Beyond

Thousands of protesters showed up at the BC Parliament buildings in Victoria on Monday objecting to the Enbridge Pipeline in BC. Today, those protests have expanded across the province.

Just to recap, as soon as the horrible track record of Enbridge pipe line leaks in the States broke and as soon as BC started complaining, Stephen Harper removed BC’s say from the equation. That is not a democracy, that is a dictatorship. It is completely unacceptable.

Harper continues to court insanity by considering letting a Communist dictatorship with the most abusive corporate history in China have our Canadian oil rights. Clearly it is a double edge sword of insanity. The problem is Enbridge’s bad maintenance’s history and their leaky pipelines in the US. The problem is giving a Communist country sole authority over our oil so if anyone protests Harper just says take it up with the Communists. It’s not my problem.

The problem is, even though we have oil in Canada, unlike other countries that have oil, we are getting shafted at the pump with outrageous prices. That’s because we let them have a monopoly on the market so they can gouge consumers at will.

Then there’s the problem of Enbridge being dishonest and rewriting the map where the tankers would go. Instead of having to navigate treacherous waters like in real life, they removed all the obstacles and claimed it was smooth sailing in their virtual fantasy. These problems need to be addressed.


  1. Canadian politicians are using their positions and networks to rape our natural resources for their personal financial benefits, and it is said that the network of corruption goes all the way up to the Queen. To date, 33 people have died suddently and mysteriously that were connected to the water war crimes. It is suspected that they knew too much.

    Read about the water war crimes that the mainstream media refuses to report, because the few who control media in Canada are a part of that political network.

    The Ministry of Justice at both the B.C. provincial and federal levels are said to be infected by this network (on a grand scale), therefore, offences by anyone in this network results in justice denied to the victims, by way of judicial favours from the judges, which the Ministers of Justice, themselves, have appointed to the bench.

    It is imperative that Canadians call for judges to be elected, as they do in the u.s.a. at the state level, because government and justice must not be a monopoly, or it will facilitate the exact political crimes that are occurring.

    This also results in misuse of our justice system and our tax base. Gordon Campbell, as the High Commissioner to London (are you seeing the connection) just required Canadians to pay his entertainment liquor bill of $65,000.00, the highest it's ever been for any Canadian ambassador, yet we have hospital patients who can't get their basic needs.

    Politicians are elected to manage our governments and our tax base, not manipulate opportunities for their own personal gain.

  2. Whaddaya think about drilling just for natural gas, here in BC's coastal waters, as the Conservative Party has suggested? Don't you want BC to be in the incredible financial situation in Norway , or Alta., ( You can bring up all social services, Hospitals, Police, etc.)

    I know, from my father's Shell Oil career; offshore drilling recovery estimates were done back in the 1960's. as the Conservatives have said; as Shell knew, back when, we could get Ten Billion per year from clean, non-polluting, natural-gas wells. Why on earth not drill, we know the product is right there!

  3. I don’t know much on the subject but from what I do know, natural gas is less toxic and would be much better. Even running cars on propane, which is very feasible, would be much cleaner. I’m not opposed to pipelines and tankers completely. I just get freaked out when we raise some valid concerns and they refuse to talk about those concerns and take our say away. That’s what makes people drop the gloves and start a fight.

    First concern about Enbridge is the toxic material they are putting through the pipeline. If they refined it in Alberta it would create more jobs and the stuff going through the pipeleine wouldn’t be as horrifically toxic. Second concern is Enbridge bad maintenance history of not following safety standards which has resulted in many toxic leaks in the States. That is not acceptable.

    I’m not even entirely opposed to off shore drilling. The Third concern isn’t tankers going down the coast on the outside of Vancouver Island, it’s navigating them through treacherous waters that even the Ferries have difficulty with. Enbridge rewriting the map and pretending the tanker route was smooth sailing without any obstacles was a lie.

    These concerns need to be addressed. Until then the fight is on.


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