Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hells Angels tied to NB drug ring

Meanwhile, back on the eastern seaboard, police say they've shut down a major drug trafficking ring in the Moncton area with ties to the Hells Angels in Ontario and Quebec. Eight people have been charged and two others, Trevor Dow and St├ęphane Gallant have already plead guilty last July when 1.5 kilos of cocaine was seized.

Police claim the drugs came from Hamilton, Ont., where the accused ringleader has ties to the Hells Angels. Police displayed a package of T-shirts with a skull and the number 81 printed on them in red from Quebec city.

Drugs in New Brunswick from Hamilton tied to the Hells Angels. Any chance they didn’t come from Domenic Violi and the Calabrians in Hamilton? Speaking of Hamilton Hells Angels in New Brunswick, that guy that looked like Santa who was in New Brunswick claiming he was the one that got Buttkiss their 1% status was from Hamilton.


  1. I'm glad to see that you are finally exposing the most dangerous gangsters in our society; the politicians. At both the provincial and federal levels, there is no separation of justice and state. The politicians appoint the judges, and then they get decisions in their favour from those judges, even when it encompasses criminal corruption and law breaking.
    You can read about the water war crimes that the mainstream media won't tell you about, where the politicians want to pipeline our water south to usa and mexico, which would ruin our natural ecology in B.C. The politicians know we won't accept that, so they are doing it secretly. You can look at the names of the 32 people who have died suspiciously and suddenly, that were attached to the Canada waterwarcrimes, and see for yourself how extreme the thug life is within your own government. Find out what the mainstream media won't tell you about your governments and politicians.

    Agent K, I know you enjoy the pristine landscape of British Columbia. You can help to expose this rape of our landscape, so that we can band together and stop them.

  2. I'd be happy to as soon as I understood it. If they had a pipeline and sent massive amounts of water stateside, what would the environmental impact of that be here? Are they saying that we would get less rain as a result which could create deserts in some areas of the country? Obviously not on the coast or near mountains but in the prairies perhaps?


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