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Did Domenic Violi and the Calabrians in Hamilton execute the Rizzutos in Montreal?

Freddy’s talk about Vito Rizzuto getting out of prison on Friday reminded me I better finally spit it out. Back when there was a rash of murders attacking the Rizzutos in Montreal, I said that I think the Hells Angels are behind it. Again people said I was crazy. Although the Hells Angels worked closely with the Rizzutos in the past, I pointed out that the D’Amicos in Granby were empowered to threaten the Rizzutos because they had the backing of the Hells Angels. People claim the D’Amicos in Granby are a small family. There was a kidnapping and confrontation between the Hells Angels and the Rizzutos around that time.

The rationale behind my theory was simple. The Hells Angels are compulsive liars and consistent betrayers. They are taking over the drug trade all over Canada. It was strange that no one was claiming responsibility for the Montreal murders. Back in Ireland, someone always claims responsibility for the murder. It is the Hells Angels that lie and deny every murder they commit. Why sometimes they even attend the funeral of people they have been accused of hiring the hit on.

The sniper in the bushes killing one of the Rizzutos in their home in front of their family was a red flag. That’s not a Sicilian hit. It almost looked military. Not to claim the CIA has been involved in any drug trafficking in Vietnam, Nicaragua or Mexico. Much. But if they were, they would no doubt chose sides like they did in Operation Fast and Furious.

The flaming red flag was the firebombing of a funeral home. I don’t know any Catholic that would do that whether they be Sicilian, Irish or French. It had to be someone else. That sounded more like the MO of your local 666. When I had mentioned to my author friend from Montreal when he was visiting about more Rizzutos being killed, he instantly said he thought it was the Calabrians working with the Hells Angels. Others have said similar things. Not an earth shattering theory since I am told it was the subject of one of the Godfather movies. The Calabrian part that is, not the Hells Angels.

So finally I recently heard from someone in the know in Quebec and I asked them who was killing the Rizzutos. Their answer was simple and concise, the Calabrians in Hamilton, namely Domenic Violi. They said Domenic Violi is now in power in Canada and is cleaning up. That is who the people in Quebec think it is. They said it was in retaliation for the murder of Paolo Violi and for pushing them out of Montreal in the first place.

“Sources told QMI Agency Dominic and Giuseppe Violi were seen in Little Italy and the city's downtown district just days before the Mafia don was felled by a sniper's bullet in the kitchen of his north-end home late last year.”

Since the Hells Angels have a huge control of the drug trade in Ontario, it would make sense that they would align themselves with the Violis there. It also makes sense that if the Rizzutos were supplying the Bloods and the Rock Machine cocaine, they would want to put a stop to that. After all, that is why they shot Chenier Dupuy from the Bo-Gars who are aligned with the Bloods in Montreal. The Hells Angels supply the Crips through Greg Wooley. Chenier Dupuy refused to work for the Hells Angels so the neo Nazis shot him dead. Or at least paid someone to do so.

Even Italian prosecutors claim that Ontario has become a base for the Calabrian Mafia, or 'Ndrangheta. It’s not that I’m choosing sides. I don’t support the sale of crack or crystal meth period. I just hate liars and betrayers and that is all the Hells Angels do in Canada.

Update: Police bust Hamilton crime group tied to Gambino family in New York


  1. The Hells Angels are a plague on society. Not only do they peddle drugs and commit serious crimes they also lure your daughters into prostitution. When will Canadians fight back against these parasites? What is it that people still want to join them? Losers which have no love in their lives and have to be part of a "gang" to be accepted...They destroy families with their drugs and encourage a life of crime in the younger ones which join...Did you all know that to join the Hells Angels you have to commit a murder? How many people have dissapeared in the last years in mysterious circumstances? This disturbing trend of killing people to prove allegiance to the "club" is like playing Russian roulette on society itself...Who's next? Your Husband? Your wife? Your kids? While the rest of you Canadians are asleep, agent K is out there bringing some "light" on the subject...I dare all of you Canadians to rat out the real rat!

  2. Indeed. Although many Hells Angels like Marvin Ouimet and Guy Rodrigue have been accused of committing many murders, it doesn't appear that is a requirement for membership. Some speculate that is the meaning behind the filthy few patch but that has yet to be proven.

  3. AK: "The sniper in the bushes killing one of the Rizzutos in their home in front of their family was a red flag. That’s not a Sicilian hit..."

    Well,yes it is, with a particular flavour for grudge-holding old-timers like the Violis; their old man was shot dead in similar circumstances to the hit on Rizzuto patriarch. It was a sniper shoot, so many years ago, and informed Quebec commentators brought that fact to my attention.

    1. All the media reports I read said the exact opposite. They said that hit did not appear Sicilian.
      Just like the firebombing of the funeral home didn't. Evidently not everyone agrees.

  4. The 'Ndrangheta is dying laughing;

    "(Mayor of windsor) Cree said all the ports are audited by Transport Canada. He called them “very secure.”

    “In our view, there is no validity to their concerns,” Cree said of the TV crew. “Most of our cargo is salt or stone. It’s difficult to imagine how any smuggling is being done with that kind of cargo.”

    Ha ha, scrape off a layer of salt off the top; and load up the kilos...scrape the salt off afterwards...

    To one amazed CBC poster;

    "Difficult to imagine for you maybe. Well guess what; anything about which you can make a stupid and arrogant statement like that is likely going to be organized crimes method of choice." (CBC)

    1. Yeah that guy is either on the take or an idiot. The Feds got rid of the Federal port police didn't they? They did in BC. That has caused more problems. Through budget cuts they enable the ports to be taken over by organized crime. It's like they are wanting it to happen.

  5. True the Italian mafia aren't the honourable few in the under world. They sell drugs, commit extortion and run prostitution rackets just like the others. I was just saying usually they have some kind of code of ethics. Sure a funeral home isn't a church or a Temple but it is sacred. Not many people agree to desecrating graves or dismembering bodies, despite the fact that dismembering bodies is becoming a famous pastime of Hells Angel hits. You have to be pretty low and pretty deranged to do that. I didn't realize it was a business the Rizzutos owned. I thought it was a funeral home one of the Rizzutos who had been shot was in. Either way, a funeral home is a bit different. I don't think a sicilian would do that. They used to blow things up in Ireland all the time. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't desecrate a grave site or blow up a funeral home. The IRA that is. I was in West Belfast when a member of the UVF threw hand grenades in a funeral at Miltown cemetery. That guy was a freak. Not to say the IRA are saints by any means. I just haven't heard of many mafia hits by way of sniper. They usually shoot you in the face from close range.

    The link you provided is interesting. That guy was in prison not sitting at the dinner table with his family. Yet it was as you say, an internal war among the Calabrians which would mean the sniper shooting of the Rizzutos could in fact have been Calabrian. Which is what all the locals suspect. I know I'm prone to conspiracy theories but in Operation Fast and Furious the intelligence agencies that were selling arms to the Mexican cartels and bringing back tons of cocaine as payment chose sides. They were supplying one side to my knowledge. Which would mean it is feasible they could have at times assisted that one side in their battles. Yet it certainly wouldn't be surprising if the CIA was selling arms to both sides in any conflict. Yes Catholics killing people for drug money is somewhat hypocritical. Just like the Vatican bank laundering drug money is.

  6. The funeral home was owned by the Rizzuto's man in Toronto, Guy Panepinto. It's a great idea to have one, as you can disappear enemies there. Two new 'Ndrangheta guys had come over to TO. Their setting up of illegal poker machines infringed Panepinto's world, so he lured them to that funeral home. There he & another shot them both, and cremated them; Panepinto just went on with his life.

    The Calabrians demanded an answer, Vito had to cut Panepinto loose, and the 'Ndrangheta shot Guy P. in his car, machine-gun from a passing van.

    The point here is that Guy Panepinto was the Rizzuto's top drug distributor for the GTA. With him gone, the Calabrians can supply the GTA. They DON'T want Vito in the GTA, making new friends, I'm pretty sure...

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    1. No. That username was just a joke. My real name is Dennis Watson. When my real name was pastered all over the local papers I stopped using that username:


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