Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sovan Pen is a Hells Angels ASSociate

Sovan Pen pleaded guilty to possessing ten pipe bombs, found during a police investigation of a drug trafficking ring in January. Pen also pleaded guilty to possessing amphetamine with the intent to traffic.

Pen was formally a business partner of Salvatore Cazzetta, Mommy Dearest’s SS pal who founded the Rock Machine then crossed over right before Boucher went to prison. Pen handled marketing for a distribution company that sold energy drinks in Quebec. He was also part of a large roundup of Hells Angels and associates in 2004, and served a seven-year prison term during the 1990s for drug trafficking.

Just goes to show ya just because it’s an Asian getting busted doesn’t mean the Hells angels aren’t involved. The hells angels will frequently not only do business with Asian crime groups but they will pay an Asian to commit a criminal act for them then at the same time tell everyone else, if it wasn’t for the Hells angels, the Asian crime groups would be taking over our cities. And the con goes on...

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