Saturday, April 25, 2020

Senator Rand Paul recovers from Coronavirus and tells the Senate to open the economy - he's the hero

One brave man can change the world. After Trump's second term, he will drain the swamp.

How Sweden Beat COVID19 Without Imposing A Lockdown

"Future generations will point to Sweden as the nation that exposed the utter insanity of shutting down the world’s economy to halt the spread a novel coronavirus epidemic. While more than 150 nations imposed medical martial law to compel citizens to give up their right to leave their homes, go to work, play with their kids in parks and just socialise with relatives and friends one Scandinavian country refused to surrender to panic porn."

"Politicans and citizens alike should be very wary of Big Pharma’s expensive solutions to problems that can be solved with old fashioned, low cost remedies. Healthy lifestyles, varied diets, being outdoors, practicising common sense measures are the way forward. Sweden stayed strong and is now unburdened with the billions of dollars of societal debt that leaders of other nations have imposed on their citizens. Let this be a lesson we never forget."

10 Subtle Signs You've Already Had Coronavirus: "Could you have had COVID-19 and not even realized it? Possibly. The majority of people who contract the coronavirus will experience mild symptoms, the most common being a high temperature and a new, dry and continuous cough. A smaller percentage of people will experience more severe symptoms. However, because the coronavirus actually has a spectrum of symptoms-some so mild they are barely noticeable or easily confused with something else-it can go unnoticed or undiagnosed."

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