Sunday, April 26, 2020

Harrison Lake

Today wasn't a great day for a ride but I was getting stir crazy and rode out to Harrison. It clouded over and started raining but then it cleared up a bit after I started. It was nice to see some of the late blooming cherry blossoms out. It was also nice to see people golfing.

The idiots have closed off the main road to trafick but you can still park and walk in.

So you can buy some take out and sit on a bench and eat it but the washrooms are closed so you can't wash your hands first. If our government had half a brain they would be dangerous. They have forgotten who pays their wages and who they work for. The gas station at the roundabout on highway 7 on the way to Agassiz right off the freeway near Bridal Falls has a Tim Horton's connected to it. That gas station has a public washroom that's open.

Someone posted a funny meme about the four stages of quarantine. First it's fun. Then it's boring. Then it's unhealthy. People need to exercise. They need to get outside and get some fresh air. That is what they need to do. The fear freaks need to STFU and mind their own business. BC Parks should be open. The WHO is not promoting health.

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