Saturday, April 18, 2020

Facing the truth about Communism

My Easter Rising message this year ended up getting replaced with my COVID-19 Mystery Solved message. Yet it has become necessary to look at the truth behind the mystery.

Communism is the Mother of all lies because it was created by the father of all lies. God is the author of liberty and Satan is the author of slavery. Mark my word. God is the author of the Constitution and Satan is the author of the Manifesto. I'm certainly not saying America is perfect. Far from it. I'm saying that the Constitution is inspired and it is still under attack from enemies outside the United States and from enemies within. That same crazy old man that warned us about the UN being run by Communists predicted that one day the Constitution will hang by a thread. Well that day has come and it behooves us to befriend the Constitution to save it and the free republic it creates from complete annihilation.

Alexandre Soljenitsyne quoted the slogan of the Communist Manifesto and exposed that as the primary lie. "Workers of the world Unite" it cries. Alexandre Soljenitsyne declared that was the first lie. Communism infiltrates the trade union movement and exploits it for it's own political gain. There are no real Trade unions within Communism. There is no right to strike within Communism. Alexandre Soljenitsyne declared that Lenin was not the leader of the workers movement, Shliapnikov was. Lenin hijacked the workers movement and when the trade unions went on strike, Lenin sent in the machine guns. Their families were too scared to collect their dead.

Likewise Communism will lie to the poor and exploit them to fight for them then turn them into complete slaves once they have obtained their political objectives. Chairman Mao starved millions. Yet people still starve in China while the Communist politicians are the richest in the world. Mark my word, there is no social justice with Communism.

Do you think there are any Gay or Transgender rights within Communism? There are none. Communism will lie to and exploit anyone and everyone to obtain it's primary objective: slavery and the complete destruction of civil liberty. The creation of a totalitarian state.

As Wisconsin Senate President Roger Roth declared "the Chinese people are a great people, and heirs to one of the greatest civilizations in human history, held hostage by a brutal and oppressive regime these past 70 years." Chinese culture and history predates Communism by thousands of years. Ip Man left China and moved to Hong Kong after the Communist revolution because he was a member of the opposing political party. Ip Man was not a Communist.

I have more to say about the deceits of Socialism but I will pause there and simply reaffirm that Communism is tyranny imposed by force while Socialism is tyranny imposed by lies. Word.

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