Thursday, April 16, 2020

Canada's Budget Deficit to Grow at Fastest Pace of any Developed Country: Who we borrow money from.

The Huffington Post is reporting that "Canada’s stellar credit rating could be at risk as the country racks up new government debt faster than any other developed country, economists have warned." South Korea are the best on the list because they confronted COVID-19 without a lock down. There IS a vaccine. That's why the lockdown in Wuhan is over.

Justin Trudeau is sabotaging the Canadian economy because he is in bed with China and wants a seat on the UN Security council at a time when we should be pulling out of the UN.

The UN gave Communist China a seat on the human rights council. China used live ammunition on protesters in Tienanmen square and execute political prisoners to order for organ harvesting. China should not be on a human rights council. The UN's global agenda is Communism. The Director of the WHO was a leader in an Ethiopian Communist paramilitary organization. We should cut all funding to the WHO and pull out of the UN completely.

Justin's father was a civil rights super hero. He gave us the Canadian Charter of Rights which protected civil liberty and mobility rights for everyone. None of those rights exist in Communist China or in the UN's vision of globalism. Justin Trudeau is like unto Commodus in the movie Gladiator. His own father, Marcus Aurelius knew his son was not a moral man and would not establish a free republic. Commodus wanted a totalitarian government just like Justin does.

All Justin Trudeau does is spend money. It's not his money. Justin is spending our money, our children's money and our grandchildren's money all to appease China and the UN so he can get his seat on the security council. In so doing he is selling us into slavery. Not on my watch. We need to reopen business. We Can stop Justin Trudeau and we CAN exit the UN. Yes we can.

Budget watchdog urges Ottawa to trim spending

The key question is who we borrow money from.

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