Thursday, April 9, 2020

Another New Brunswick Hells Angel arrested for drugs

The RCMP are reporting that "The New Brunswick RCMP Federal Serious and Organized Crime unit has arrested four men in connection to an ongoing investigation into outlaw motorcycle club activities in New Brunswick. The arrests were made between February 17 and April 9, 2020, in Edmundston, Drummond, California Settlement and Moncton. The arrests are in relation to organized crime, drugs and proceeds of crime, or money laundering. They include:"

" A 34-year-old "prospect" for the Red Devils Motorcycle Club. A 29-year-old "full patch" member of the Red Devils Motorcycle Club. A 46-year-old "prospect" for the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. A 42-year-old "full patch" member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Nomads N.B. All four were released from custody pending future court appearances."

"The Red Devils are a support club for the Hells Angels, and operate under their direction," says Insp. Ron Desilva of the New Brunswick RCMP's Federal Serious and Organized Crime unit. "The Hells Angels are involved in the drug trade in New Brunswick, bringing harmful elements into our communities." New Brunswick RCMP understand that so why doesn't E division?

"Two other members of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club Nomads N.B. are currently incarcerated following previous investigations. In 2017, 50-year-old Robin Moulton was convicted of possession of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking and sentenced to four years and six months. In 2018, 59-year-old Emery "Pit" Martin was charged with cocaine trafficking, money laundering and organized crime. He is currently awaiting trial. The New Brunswick RCMP continues to work collaboratively with other law enforcement agencies and the province of New Brunswick to disrupt and dismantle organized crime groups that are harming our communities with illegal activities."

Unfortunately the RCMP in BC have Hells Angels drug dealers in witness protection and only prosecute their rivals. Too bad the virus hasn't changed that.

Hells Angels controlled cocaine, meth sales in New Brunswick and BC thanks to the GTF.

Never mind the Hells Angels selling crystal meth in BC. Just keep a safe social distance.

You're still selling arms to Saudi Arabia who arm terrorists and you just gave yourself another raise but I can't go hiking in the back country. F*ck off. I'll do what I want. Keep your social distance away from me. You work for us. We pay your wages and you do what we tell you to do.

Welcome to the Real World Order. It sucks but you're gonna love it.

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