Sunday, April 12, 2020

COVID-19: Mystery Solved

A lot has happened in the last few days. A lot of information has come to light. Joshua Philipp from the Epoch Times has put out a rock solid documentary about the origin of COVID-19. Since then, Great Game India has uncovered a great deal of relevant information.

COVID-19 test kits from China were contaminated with the virus. That was originally reported by the Telegraph and the London Sun. The Centre for Disease Control has been manipulating the death toll. That was originally reported by Dr. Annie Bukacek and Senator Dr. Scott Jensen.

CBS was caught committing fraud by showing footage from an over crowded hospital in Italy claiming it was in Queens New York. Numerous fake news reports about line ups at hospitals in California and New York surfaced while locals filmed those same hospitals with no line ups.

The Oath Keepers exposed the UN's Agenda 21 while Anonymous exposed the UN's Agenda 2030. After the UN put Communist China on the Human Rights Committee all the previous concerns about the UN were validated. It is time for us to leave the UN and cut all funding to it.

The Media is controlled by it's corporate sponsors, Communist China. This is the Orwellian Era.

China stole the vaccine from the Americans. That is why they celebrated the end of the lock down in Wuhan once the government had installed aps on their phones keeping track of everywhere they go and everything they say. Even without the vaccine it would have been over by summer.

China stole the COVID-19 vaccine from the Americans but they stole the virus from Canada.

The Governor of Texas prepares for businesses to repoen

India, the US and the UK launch class action lawsuits against the Communist Party of China.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been discharged from hospital.

Good thing they didn't put him on a ventilator in the hospital.

Kayaking in Deep Cove at a safe social distance

[Rush: Closer to the Heart] [Boston: Peace of Mind] [Boston: Foreplay Longtime]

[Don't look Back] [More than a Feeling] [Blinded by the Light] [We're Not Gonna Take It]

Justin Trudeau is and idiot and we're not going to take it any more.

Two-Thirds of Severe Covid-19 Cases Improved on Gilead Drug. Big Surprise.

If Vancouver is at risk of going bankrupt, then let the people go back to work!!!

In the US, the Democrats are using China's chemical attack to discredit Trump. That is why the media is making false reports. Dr Scott Jensen revealed that Hospitals in the US get $13,000.00 for every COVID-19 admission and if they put a patient on a ventilator, they get $39.000.00.

This is Joe Biden's coup lead by the CIA who are drug dealing Corporate Communists.

The fraud is over. Let us go back to work. Justin Trudeau is an idiot.

Update: It turns out China didn't get the COVID-19 virus from Canada after all. They stole Ebola from the Canadian lab in Winnipeg. They got the COVID-19 virus courtesy of a $3.7 million grant from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s Institute to study bats in China with coronavirus. There were no bats sold at the Huanan Seafood Market.

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