Friday, June 19, 2020

Blexit is about diversity and free thought

Danielle Robinson states that "Blexit is an exit from status quo and indoctrination. I think about it now and it's a homecoming. It's not what we're walking away from but what we're walking towards and we're walking towards the values that are important for our community. It's walking towards voting those values in that will build our community. When you're deciding who you're going to vote for you're really setting the direction of where you want our community to go and our children's future. A lot of these decisions are made at the ballot box."

Matthew Tharp states that BLEXIT is for Free Thinkers. A vision for Blexit is for the black community to be awakened. People should vote based on values. If you believe in the second amendment and the first amendment, vote based on those values.

BLEXIT Is About Diversity. "We want people to think for themselves."

Katie Pavlich and Candace Owens on why they are conservative.

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