Saturday, June 20, 2020

More voices on Blexit - Freedom, Redemption and Victory

Lisa Matthews my Blexit is about freedom.

My BLEXIT is the American Dream - hard work, perseverance, family values.

Kingface: I support a movement that actually help builds our communities instead of destroying it.

Kingface on Crossroads: "So why are we focus on things that don't matter? That goes to show you they don't want us to change. They don't want us to get better because if you want us to get better you'd talk about those problems - create jobs, create opportunity.

BLACK LIVES MAGA: "If you get a strong economy, blacks will be a part of that economy."

Blexit is about redemption. Take that mentality of freedom and move forward. Run with it."

Before it was "I'll give you this but I'm not really helping you get out of the situation your're in. What have they done to better our community? Nothing. It's only getting worse. If they keep you poor what are the able to do to you now? Control you. This is not the time to sower. This is not the time to back in a corner. This is the time to stand. Blexit is for everybody. Every culture."

"What unites America is a philosophy. Is that if you work hard and you stay out of trouble and you make good decisions, this country will reward you. It is that simple." Changed people can change the world. They set on fire those around them because they themselves are on fire.

BLEXIT Charlotte - Be A VICTOR! The days of excuses are over. Now it's a lion's swag yo.

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