Saturday, June 20, 2020

UN New World Order website has gone underground

May 10th 2020 I reported on the United Nation's New world Order web site with it's logo and Orwellian objective. Only the logo and the objective has been taken down. This is all that's left:

Yet this press release about their Orwellian Hapitalism still contains their logo. For now. Their ten steps to slavery, I mean soma, include: 1) Lets' stick together. 2) Follow WHO advice.

Why would we follow the advice of the World Health Organization when they spiked a tetanus vaccine in Kenya with a sterilization drug? The World Health Organization is not lead by a medical doctor, they are led by a member of a violent Communist Paramilitary organization.

Happytalism is a new economic system that represents a paradigm shift from Democracy. Nelson Mandela and George Washington protected civil liberty and human rights by law in eloquent Constitutions. Happytalism is a paradigm shift away from that. It uses the same socialist lie about a fake Utopian state to remove individual rights to promote collective rights. Only as soon as you give up individual rights, there are no collective rights. We've been through this all before.

The political prisoners in Communist China that are executed to order for their organs are not happy. The UN's Hapitalism is a poorly translated sappy sell for the slavery of Communism just like George Orwell 1984. These are the UN's ten steps to global domination.

That whole list is sounding an awfully lot like Bonnie Henry's sappy commercials. Be kind to each other and do as we tell you. Bonnie Henry is the WHO's soft sell but she's on the wrong side and is still selling the same bad deal. The government needs to stop talking and start listening.

Number 10 on their list is Think about systematic change so we can make sure this never happens again. Great idea. I know what kind of changes we need to make sure this never happens again. 1) Cut all funding to the WHO. 2) Pull out of the UN. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit. 3) Uphold the Constitution and the Charter of Rights and don't let the government take away our civil liberty ever again. A free republic where civil liberty and human rights are protected by law not crushed by a deceptive manifesto. Communism is the mother of all lies.

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