Thursday, June 11, 2020

BC loses court case to seize Hells Angels clubhouses in Kelowna, Nanaimo, Vancouver

WTF? Kelowna Cap News is reporting that "The province has lost a lengthy legal battle in which it was attempting to seize Hells Angels clubhouses in Kelowna, Nanaimo and Vancouver’s east end. The proceedings, some of which date back to 2007, finally came to a close on June 11, with Supreme Court Justice Barry Davies ruling “it cannot be proven the clubhouses will be used unlawfully in the future.” This ruling dismisses the claims of the director of the Civil Forfeiture Office." AYFKM? Criminal activity is all the Kelowna chapter did. Court Jester Barry Davies - hang him! This decision needs to be appealed. It is Orwellian.

That's like saying you cannot prove beyond a shadow of doubt that a murderer won't commit murder again. You don't have to. He already committed the crime. Proceeds of crime legislation asks was this property purchased through the proceeds of crime? It doesn't say well ya know guys, there is a remote possibility they will stop selling crack and stop pimping crack hoes.

Giles is dead yet he said not every member is involved with criminal activity but anyone who uses the name of the club for criminal activity (including murder) must have that activity approved though the local executive. That local executive meeting would have been held in the clubhouse. I told you ya should have cut a deal and made a consent order.

Now you have nothing except a bad precedent. I was the one that said you should have given the Nanaimo clubhouse back and seized the Kelwona clubhouse instead by way of a consent order and let the East Van clubhouse go to trial. This Barry Davies freak is a complete f*ck up. Fire him. Don't wait until he ages out like Peter Leask.

Having said that, people claim that Goldammer is the new president of the Kelwona Hells Angels. If that is true, I do not have beef with him. Everyone knows who I have beef with. History has recorded that. If Goldammer is the new president then he was the one that cut Arnie loose and closed the Garden of Eden, not the compromised BC Gang Task force. They are completely useless. Goldammer's brother Roger makes awesome custom motorcycles that are way above my pay grade. He isn't just notorious he is a legend in the field.

Moving forward, I am not a fan of criminal organization legislation. That is not the New York Model, that is the corrupt LA model during the time of Freeway Ricky. Seizing the proceeds of crime legislation removes the incentive to stop crime. It becomes a tax grab where the government and the police profit from crime. In contrast, I support the New York model.

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