Friday, June 19, 2020

The Guardian Angels fighting off looters in NYC

Someone sent Curtis a video they took of him and his crew fighting off the sh*tbag looters in NYC. This is the New York Model. F*ck the looters and F*ck ANTIFA. Curtis Sliwa is 66 years old and he's still ripping sh*t up. Back in the day there were no cell phones to record what goes on in back alleys. This brings us back to the original cause. Who is tougher? The POS that mugs an old lady of the guy that takes down the mugger? Here we have a mob of sh*t trying to get past a 66 year old man and a few Spartans who hold the line. The petty thieves didn't get through. This is ANTIFA. F*ck them. Call in the reserves. The use of reasonable force has been authorized.

Look at the smile on Curtis' face. Warriors, come out to play. This other pic was from Minneapolis.

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