Sunday, June 7, 2015

Seizing Hells Angels clubhouses in British Columbia

The criminal organization status of the Hells Angels in BC is a hot topic because it relates to the government seizing their clubhouses. Right now the Nanaimo clubhouse has been seized and they have applied to the courts for the right to seize the East Vancouver and Kelowna clubhouse. If I was litigating that case, I'd be willing to cut a deal. Right now the HAs could lose all of them.

I think the criminal organization status of the Hells Angels in BC should be considered on a case by case basis. Each chapter separately. Kelowna was the chapter that really screwed up. That chapter was involved with a huge amount of criminal activity. Nanaimo was involved in some but not nearly to the extent Kelowna was. The deal I'd cut would be this:

Give them back the Naniamo clubhouse if the club let them have the Kelowna clubhouse in return. That's probably what the judge is going to conclude after a long and painful trial anyways. That would mean the Kelwona clubhouse is seized and sold but every other clubhouse stands until they screw up like Kelowna did. On the condition they agree not to build a new clubhouse in Surrey. Make those little Surrey girls use the clubhouse in Langley or Randy's freaking basement. Any new clubhouse would be up to he local city hall's discretion like how Langford shut down the Devil's Rejects clubhouse because of zoning concerns. This deal would mean Randy Jones would still get to keep Shakerz formally known as Tbarz. Only clean that place up man. It used to be high end.

The surveillance video when those Hells Angels associates were stabbed there showed just how far down that place has fallen. It's turned into another Dell for God's sake. Surrey can do better. Let's raise the bar and go back to the way it was when it first opened. That's my advice. That's the deal I'd cut if I was litigating it. That way we could all move on to other things. If they break their word and build a clubhouse in Surrey, Trevor would get extradited.

The Hells Angels just want to do business and make some cheddar. If they stop shooting people in public, shooting innocent bystanders like in the Surrey Six and stop killing drug addicts for small debts, I'll mind my own business and shut up. That way I can focus on helping TBM Canada instead. You don't have to torture and kill drug addicts for drug debts if you don't front them the drugs. It's that simple. Stop fronting crack addicts crack. That's bad business. That way we get rid of the Tony T's in the DTES and in Surrey. Time to give everyone a Fresh Start.

If both parties agree to these terms, it could become a consent order and the matter would be resolved until another chapter screws up.

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