Sunday, January 17, 2021

Overview of Donald Trump's term in office

As we objectively look at Donald Trump's term in office, I want to first cite three areas: his desire to drain the swamp, how the media attacked every breath he took and his ability to reject endless war profiteering then examine Wall Street and Corporate bailouts.

First the credibility meltdown of the media. As soon as Donald Trump was elected, the toxic and obsessive way the media misrepresented everything word that came out of his mouth became too painful to watch. It was absurd. The media had an agenda. It was no longer reporting the news it exclusively focussed on driving public opinion. It became the propaganda machine that we now see. The Hodge Twins repeatedly confronted the media's bias.

Kayleigh McEnany became a shining light in the dark world of media misrepresentation. The way the media would consistently attack her was dysfunctional and abusive. Yet she stood stong after relentless personal attacks. She became a role model for conservative women. Her intelligence was a refreshing alternative to the media's darkness.

Trump's desire to drain the swamp in Washington was a noble quest. He made a lot of enemies as a result and he became a target of the deep state. Anyone who supported that quest also became a target and endured relentless personal attacks. Defining the deep state is a daunting task because it is so powerful and so evasive. Danny Casolaro referred to it as the Octopus.

It's difficult to confront something you can't define. The NSA and the CIA are the prime components. JFK warned about secret societies. He wasn't talking about the Freemasons who founded the Constitution, he was talking about the CIA. Kennedy vetoed Operation Northwoods and said he wanted to splinter the CIA in a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds.

Edward Snowden was a whistle blower. He exposed the fact that the NSA had been violating the Constitution and lying to Congress. The deep state refers to him as a traitor. The rest of us refer to him as a patriot. Edward Snowden should have received a pardon. When Tulsi Gabbard ran for the leadership of the Democrats she said if she was elected president, she would give Edward Snowden and Julian Assange a pardon. If Donlad Trump was trying to drain the swamp that is what he should have done. The NSA should not be spying on Americans without a warrant and the CIA should not be drug trafficking or meddling in US elections.

Next I'd like to address Donald Trump's ability to confront war profiteering. Tulsi Gabbard spoke out passionately opposing regime change wars and the neoliberal/neoconservative war machine. Rachel Blevins, one of the few nonpartisan journalists left consistently reported that no matter how much the Republicans and Democrats argued with each other, they always seemed to miraculously agree on spending more and more tax dollars on the ever expanding war machine.

No one disputes providing for the common defense and helping those help themselves when it comes to supporting democracy. Yet the regime change wars that overthrough democracy violate the Constitution. Donald Trump pulled US troops out of Syria. That was a good thing.
The war in Syrai had nothing to do with opposing terrorism or opposing a dictator. The war in Syria was simply about rival pipelines - one from Quatar to Turkey, the other from Iran. The CIA created ISIS to trick the American people into fighting that pipeline war. Afghanistan was also a war over a pipeline. The amount of bombs America continues to drop on Afghanistan is a crime.

Yet the primary thermostat for presidential public approval revolves around how the economy prospers under their leadership. In this area Donald Trump was a huge success despite the Deep States determination to destroy that through lockdowns and economic suicide.

The Wall Street bailouts and the national debt exploding into the trillions is a huge concern for every American who loves and cherishes freedom. Tax and spend pork barrel politics is the second biggest threat to America. The Communist Party of China is the first and Joe Biden is in bed with it. Corporate Communism is Communism. Both roads lead to the same place.

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