Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Brandon Straka speaks at Trump Rally - Update

OK I have a lot to say about what's going on right now but for now I will simply say that Brandon Straka nailed it. The Media is f*cked and we're not going away. Bill Gates is a Communist f*ck up. The Microsoft News Network is worthless. One of the headlines read Trump supporters protesting the results of the election. That is a ridiculous lie. We all support the results of an honest election. The evidence of voter fraud is extensive and needs to be addressed. This is what wars are fought over. The way the media completely misrepresents everything is criminally insane. Which leads us to the logical conclusion. It's time to cut the cable.

The Vancouver Sun and the Vancouver Province both had a long tradition of credible news reporting. Post Media Trash destroyed that and turned it into partisan propaganda. That's when I cut my subscription and stopped reading or linking to those tabloids. Likewise, Global Television had a proud history of credible journalism. Post Media Trash destroyed that so it's time for me to cut my cable. I wasn't watching it anyways. It just came in a package with my phone and internet. Now it's time to remove that service and let them know I do not approve of what they have done to the service. That is supply and demand.

Instead of paying for cable it is far more worthwhile to subscribe to Rebel News, Epoch Times and New Tang Dynasty. Rebel News caught Post Media News lying about the ICU levels in Edmonton and they caught CBC lying about the hospitalization rates in Manitoba. Back in the day when the press was free and investigative journalism still existed that would have been big news. Kim Bolan keep giving herself awards for printing everything the police tell her to. Instead of handing out fake awards, they should give Rebel Media a real award for exposing those lies.

It's time to cut the cable and support alternate news sources. We need to follow the patriots not the globalists because patriots will free our children while globalists will enslave them.

Today a sample copy of the Epoch Times was delivered to my home. One of the headlines reads "Canadian Pension Money Keeps Pouring Into China as Risks Escalate. Beijing only too eager for foreign capital to prop up Chinese economy." Our pension should support our economy not a Communist dictatorship that is using our tax dollars to buy our media and lock down our economy while they throw parties for launching the fake pandemic and fixing our elections.

This is the same scam the Communist party of China pulled collecting money from us for humanitarian aid while they owned our debt. The politicians in the Chinese Communist party are the richest politicians in the world. There is no social justice in their model. Only lies and censorship. In China, if you google Tiananmen square massacre, nothing shows up. The Communist Party has censored that truth from their Internet. That is exactly what the Communist party of China is doing with our Internet and social media
This fraud has stained us. Dominion Voting has got to go.

Donald Trump has more support now than when he was first elected
The reason why so many Canadians from China and Hong Kong support Donald Trump is because they have seen what the Chinese Communist Party is. That's why they left. Just like Poland, Cambodia and East Berlin has. The thought of bringing that here is criminally insane.

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