Saturday, January 2, 2021

Climatization and climate change

Today I want to talk about climatization. How we are being climatized to give up our civil liberty like the boiling frog syndrome and how fake environmentalism is using fake science to climatize us into giving up our rights. Remember the primary lie of communism states that you have to give up individual rights to allow for collective rights. In reality, once you give up individual rights there are no collective rights because no one has any rights. Slavery is the result.

Communist China is the biggest polluter on the planet. Burning industrial coal is the single largest contributor to CO2 emissions that exists. Burning industrial coal to generate electricity is not green energy. It is a sinister fraud that is damaging our environment. Natural gas is clean burning. Industrial coal is not. If these fake environmentalists actually cared about the environment, they would support natural gas. Instead, they have a political agenda that supports pollution and slavery thanks to the slick salesmanship of the mainstream media. Hydroelectric power is green.
If China wants to build hydroelectric dams, let them. It's a lot better than burning industrial coal. If Germany wants to twin their natural gas pipeline to Russian, let them. It's a lot better than burning industrial coal. If China wants to buy Natural gas from BC, let them. It's better than burning industrial coal. We need to stand against the lies the fake news is spreading and defend the truth.

The fake news was complaining that China's hydroelectric dams are wrecking havoc on China's rivers and streams. GMAFB. Beavers build dams. It's natural. It doesn't damage anything. Not like the toxic fumes coming out of those industrial coal plants. We need to use our brains.

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